ZTGamedomain Reviews: Monster Madness: Grave Danger

ZeroTolerance Writes:

Monster Madness: Grave Danger is the type of game that is hard to classify. On one hand if you are a fan of hack and slash zombie games (and let's be honest your options are limited) this could easily be a fun romp for a weekend or perhaps longer depending on how many friends you have online to play with. On the other hand it can grow tedious fairly quickly and without online you will get bored relatively quickly. If you enjoyed the original game but found it frustrating, than Grave Danger will be a welcome addition. However, if you loved the challenge of the original this one will likely be a cakewalk by comparison. If you fall into the final tier of gamers who have never checked out Monster Madness, the PS3 version is by far the superior one and if you love hack and slash titles there is certainly plenty here to enjoy.

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