Nintendo rep: Disaster still in development

Once a notice was set in place on Nintendo of Japan's website, many people had assumed that one of Nintendo's most promising titles on Wii, Diasater: Day of Crisis was canned. This was "aided" by the fact that more rumors and speculation were being added to the fire. Those anticipating Disaster: Day of Crisis can finally breath a bit easier, though. A Nintendo representative has confirmed that Disaster is still in development.

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PS360WII3766d ago

0.o well that's good cuz last I heard this game was delayed indefinitely. No new words on it but still glad they are continuing on with the development

jorgeanaya0003766d ago

I was beginning to think this game wasn't coming.

Nugan3766d ago

The Australian OFLC story from last week made this seem likely.

I'd still like to seem a firm release date, and I'd [i]really[/i] like to see a holiday release date.