Gamedaily: Too Human Review

Gamedaily writes: "What was once a promising 360 exclusive is now destined for the bargain bin.

Too Human combines a hint of Norse mythology with a futuristic cybernetic theme and a first-person shooter. Although it's good to finally see it in stores after a 10 year long development cycle, it's not the triple A adventure we hoped for.

All in all, Too Human isn't good. Its control mechanics are terrible, its presentation lackluster and its leveling-up system has too many flaws. It's sad to see a game that took years to get off the ground turn out so sloppy. This Human errs too much."

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Mao3742d ago

Too Human has had its mixed bag of support ranging from "okay" scores like IGN to "brillant" 93/100 and 8.5/10 from StrategyInformer.

But at the end of the day, there are too many overwhelming 5-6.5/10 scores that are killing this game and a 4.2/10 meta scored 1up review. Dennis Dyack can defend his game all he wants, it flopped badly.

In other news, Infinite Undiscovery looks to have some potential for action RPG gaming on the 360! September 2 people!

TheColbertinator3741d ago

Correct.Its best to move on and forget this game.Next month begins the holiday 2008 game rush.

Fallout 3
Infinite Undiscovery
Resistance 2
Mirrors Edge
Gears of War 2
Star Ocean 4
Valkyria Chronicles
LittleBig Planet
Fable 2 etc etc

Sonics0203741d ago

Wait! Star Ocean 4 is coming out this holiday?

Mao3741d ago

But not here. SO4 is in the same boat as WKC overseas. Maybe it hits, but probably not. We'll probably see both in Q1 2009 in Japan and late Q3-Q4 here in NA.

LossTheEarthbreaker3741d ago

"Flopping" means doing poorly in sales, not necessarily indicative of a bad game.

Flopping can't really be determined until we see sales numbers. From pre-orders alone from hyped-up gamers, I'd say it can't really flop, but we shall see.

It definitely will not be the platform-selling game that some were hyping it to be.

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Drekken3742d ago

Another 360 AAA Title!

God it sucks - Dont it?

LightningPS33741d ago

Too Human may sell good for all we know. Reviews don't = sales

Cyrus3653741d ago

Yup, I figure it'll sell well, I mean Haze which got as bad or worse reviews than this, nearly sold a million units.

Sony Rep3741d ago

Are you personally going to be buying Too Human? No? Oh!

Who are you speaking for, anyway?

Turds=/= good sales.

IzKyD13313741d ago

finally, a gamedaily review i can agree with!

blooodFrenzy923741d ago


IzKyD13313741d ago

i played the demo (my cousin has a 360)

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