NBA 2K9 Teaser Trailer 2/4

2k has just released part 2 of their 4 part teaser trailer series.

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jumpmanwade3744d ago

I saw some gameplay and it plays very well.

artral163743d ago

yea will see if its better than nba live

rareairtone3727d ago

NBA Live hasn't been better than 2k for about 4 or so years. I get disgusted when I play NBA Live; the graphics are dumb, the cloth physics suck, the ball shooting animations suck, and the game functions best kinda far away from the action, making it hard to play, at least for me. Sure, I barely experienced NBA live before I first bought NBA 2k5, the first basketball game i purchased in almost a decade, so when I played 05 and 06, I came to the game with that bias. But then again, live didn't convert me. Also I can't get used to the gameplay of Live, especially with the gimmicky playmaking bull that they came up with starting in 06. It separates you from the experience and makes making plays a matter of how fast along with the game can you press the sequence of buttons whereas 2k with their recent games synthesize the experience by animating the coolness in context of how fast the players are running, their positions, etc instead after you press the arbitrary functions like ally oops and plays. Live in recent years has fallen into the cycle of gimmicky games that EA keeps creating. I used to buy EA games all the time, but the last one I bought was FN round 3 and will only buy the updated version of that from them; no more NFS, midnight club all the way now, although I did enjoy most wanted very, very much :)

DG3737d ago

That's crazy how the defender touched the ball and the play kept going assuming it wasn't pre-rendered.