Massive Entertainment Talks Soviet Assault on PS3

CaptainPanda from PS3Attitude managed to get some answers for some questions about Massive Entertainments upcoming title Soviet Assault.

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majiesto3741d ago

Haven't read much about this game before and usually I'm not into RTS type games. Maybe I'll give it a try. Good to see some info on the technical side of the game.

Danny_D3741d ago

If the controls are as easy to pick up and if they are able to effectively use the USSR/US perspectives to enhance the story, it seems like a welcome addition to my library.

CaptainPanda3741d ago

Well, if you have'nt tried World in Conflict(which is basically the parent game or predecessor to Soviet Assault but on PC)you should.

In my opinion one of the best RTS that came out in the past 5 years.
Singeplayer campaign in WiC is very good.

I especially like the no resource gathering stuff.
Also the game is pretty historically correct, nice choice of units and very nice selection of special abilities for the units.