Top Ten: Most Annoying Villains

You know those villains that you really want to just kick the snot out of? Those bosses you wish you could beat up forever even after the boss battle is over? Well here is a top ten list of my personal most annoying villains. Keep in mind, most of them are somewhat modern.

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Mr_Kuwabara3744d ago

Lol, I did the same thing that the author did for Screaming Mantis. I changed the controller to #2 again like I did in MGS1. Roy was the one that gave you the idea in the first place (In MGS4 that is), bastard let Snake down again, like always....

C_SoL3744d ago

they forgot theMART and socomnick................

Ilikegamers3744d ago

They better not put another keyboard played song like that in guitar hero 4.

zo6_lover273744d ago

Most of the song wasn't played on keyboard, the insanely fast parts are them actually playing. Anyways its Guitar Heros fault for making you play the keyboard parts.

JD_Shadow3744d ago

Damn....I actually like D-Force's music, as well. TTFAF, in my opinion, was actually a damn good song.

It's either you love the song or hate it, I guess.

kiddo0283744d ago

angelo agnus from dmc4 he was friigin annoying and he just wouldnt die

malingenie3744d ago

Please don't click on the source of this article. The ghastly spelling and grammatical errors should not be rewarded with clicks.

gtafan3744d ago

I like the crazy frog on the picture and his music kicks ass at the clubs back in the day. Anyway I freaking hated ROBOTNIK, with people getting more fat everyday I am forced to watch ROBOTNIK look alikes all over the place.

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The story is too old to be commented.