TVG: Too Human Review

Blending Diablo-like RPG depth and Devil May Cry action, Too Human is yet another Silicon Knights masterpiece...

Exceptional slide combat.
RPG depth & intense action.
Plenty of replay value.

Poor cyberspace sections.
Occasional iffy visuals.
Short'ish first run through.

Sound: 8.5
Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 9
Originality: 8.2
Longevity: 7.5

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ass_divine3742d ago

Another awesome review for an awesome game!

Billy Gates3742d ago

I'ma blow your back out in October, nerd. :D

PimpHandStrong3742d ago

is to see what they gave the games you have played and the games you had interest not saying "recent games"

also judge how easy it is to find those reviews! How easy it is to get into the forums or if they have more then 10 posts on a big game review

I have given some unknown websites a hit today and you can see who has a good website just by clicking a few times and looking for things you want to see.....

One website i checked out gave this game over a 8....i go there and cant find a review on MGS4

looked for maybe 2 min of clicking...even typed in the name on the search bar and didnt find it

InMyOpinion3742d ago

They must be 360 fanboys since they don't hate the game! j/k

All these mixed reviews are making me curious to what the final game actually plays like.

TheColbertinator3742d ago

Don't get your hopes up Jenzo.They just liked the game.Thats it.If they were being payed by Microsoft or they were Teh fanboyz,they would give the game a 9.5 and call it GOTY.

But they did'nt hate it either since they did'nt give Too Human a 5 or 6.This isn't a love it or hate kind of thing like Assasin's Creed.Its a like it or hate it kind of thing like Lost Odyssey

GiantEnemyCrab3742d ago

I played the demo again last night and after learning more about the combos I am excited to play the retail.

I think 7-8 score is fair for this game.

InMyOpinion3742d ago

@crab - Me too. It got a whole lot better after I checked out the 'advanced controls' section. I wonder if the reviewers know about the special moves?

DJ3742d ago

Assuming you've never seen a PS3 title in your life.

DaKid3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Or Gears for the matter, DJ.

8 may be a bit high though.

Perjoss3742d ago

Judging by the demo only, the graphics in places certainly were an 8 but in some places it looked a bit shabby, textures in the cut scenes looked a bit low res. Too many developers these days use the same character models for cut scenes as they do for characters that were intended to be view from medium to long range.

blooodFrenzy923742d ago

yes the game is a flop. Ive been seeing mostly 7s from across the board. So im going to assume that its agood game despite many flaws. i WANT TO GET THIS I JUST DONT KNOW YET.

Diugu3742d ago

Interesting.. I guess some people liked it.

I am gonna try this one out, hope it doesnt suck as much as it appears.

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The story is too old to be commented.