Seattle PI Reviews: Too Human

Seattle PI writes: "Are you TOO HUMAN to play this game? Well, I'm not! Hello, this is your friendly neighborhood BBQ with a working Xbox 360 filling in during the unfortunate catastrophe that befell our beloved hero Mr. Jake. Trying to accurately describe Too Human is tricky. The storyline and setting is something like a combination of Blade Runner, Terminator, Clash of the Titans, Star Wars, and, uh... The Lost Vikings, maybe? That may sound goofy, but everything actually works quite well. Basically, the human race is on the brink of extinction, after almost being wiped out by a legion of intelligent machines. To fight back, some humans have turned themselves into "Gods" through cybernetic enhancement. You take on the role of a God named Baldur, whose job is to hunt down these rascally robots and make sure mankind has a future."

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