Strategy Informer: Too Human Review 8.5/10

Strategy Informer writes:

"Before we even begin this review, it's important that one thing is made clear: Too Human is a very misunderstood game. It's not the game everyone thinks it is, it's not the game some have been waiting ten years for, and unfortunately its not quite the game it should be either. That being said, Too Human is one of the greatest breaths of fresh air I have encountered this year. What does that mean? Well you're going to have to read to find out..."

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JoySticksFTW3741d ago

With all of the other reviews out there, I'd atleast rent it first or play it at a friend's house.

But then again, Friends don't let Friends buy Too Human...

Just kidding. I like joking around with Xbox fans, but all kidding aside... rent it. I really don't want to see anyone get stuck with what many are referring as a below average game.

jahcure3742d ago

before they even begin reviewing the game, you can tell they are just not fully convinced in their decisions. If i reviewed a game i won't start off by saying "oh well don't mind other people, trust me"

If you're going to give a review, give the review and quit commenting on reviews by other people. Last time i checked i don't think Too Human needed coddling.

kinggeoff3742d ago

that the gaming public has become so rabid and unforgiving that he feels he needs to preface his review to calm down the majority of the kids out there who will go and post needless comments bashing his site for giving a high review

Omega43742d ago

Well this game certainly beats Haze and Lair. In some instances even Heavenly Sword (just look at IGN)

Fishy Fingers3742d ago

What ever makes you feel better bro.

Drekken3742d ago

If your "good game" bar is set to score over Haze and Lair then you should be satisfied with this game.

You should think about comparing to a better game - raise the bar.

La Chance3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Very good score.

I played the demo 2 more times....still cant get into it completely. But I see why some people appreaciate it though.

I think I'll pass Too Human and get Infinite Undiscovery.I'll probably get it later 2nd hand since where I live we dont have the "rental" service you guys have in the UK or USA.

devilhunterx3742d ago

Its even better then America's Army, Bomberman Zero, Operation Darkness, Kengo

morganfell3742d ago

Beats them how? One review? You are not looking at the big picture - it would make you nauseous - where the majority of reviews have axed this game. Even proXbox sites are laying into this abortion. Keep holding onto this one game review by a minor site if it makes you feel better. You are just lying to yourself and fooling none of us.

We can all look at Haze and laugh but you can't look at Too Human, a game scoring lower and do the same?

StephanieBBB3742d ago

This game beats lair but not Haze.

If Too Human had 4 player online co-op like they promised and split screen co-op then yeah it would have killed haze.

TheMART3742d ago

@ Morganfell

Yes beat them both. Its now on about a 7, while Lair/Haze are just above the 5

soul899er3741d ago

Mart, we are all waiting for your review, are you almost done?

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blooodFrenzy923742d ago

Should i get this!!!!!! It looks fun but i dontwant to waste 60 dollars if its crap

Fishy Fingers3742d ago

Rent it if you can, or try the demo on XBL. Asking "should I buy or not" is a pointless question, we all have different opinions, only you can answer that.

morganfell3742d ago

Look at the demo and remember what the reviews have said - the game is nothing but repetition.

thenickel3742d ago

I'm with fishy on this one "Asking "should I buy or not" is a pointless question, we all have different opinions, only you can answer that." Agreed and bubbles

AngryHippo3742d ago

.....if you liked the demo, you will probably like the game. If you didnt like the demo you will not like the game. I think its a definate try b4 u buy. I don't think its a 'flop' like a lot of ppl keep saying though.

morganfell3742d ago

I disagree because I can like doing something for 45 minutes but I might not like doing that same thing repetitively for 9 hours. Especially considering it takes a little longer than the demo for many of this games issues to reveal themselves.

Chubear3742d ago

I loved the demo of Haze and thought the game would present a solid current gen expereince (I don't need my graphics to be 'teh uber') However, the game didn' meet my expectations even though it was a decent shooter regardless.

morganfell3742d ago

Exactly. I played the demo of Haze and thought this isn't too bad. Then I bought the game and wanted to kick my own as for throwing money away on crap.

thenickel3742d ago

I disagree with morgan because in any game you play it's pretty much going to be the same thing over and over again. As long as there's decent gameplay a great story and good music it kind of makes it more interesting. Now I do agree that sometimes a demo can really fool you but in Too Humans case it just feel to solid to me and a must buy.

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