TechRadar: PlayStation 3 80GB Review

So finally, let's talk about value for money. As previously mentioned, you're getting a lot more than just a games console here.

You've also got a future-proof Blu-ray player; a web browser; a music, video and picture viewer; an upscaling DVD player; a social networking hub; and you can even install Linux on it.

The PS3 is a brilliant, brilliant games console that will only get better over time. The PSN (PlayStation Network) is not yet up to the standard of Xbox Live, but it's on its way.

And as soon as this is brought up to date, the PS3 will surely be the most desirable HD console on the market.

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jahcure3768d ago

Seems to be gaining favor with the press. Once they get standard features across games (I'm looking at you trophies and in-game soundtracks) then it will be head on shoulders above the competition

thereapersson3768d ago

The PS3 will never get universal in-game custom soundtrack support. MS owns the patent on that system, thus causing SONY to have the system the way it is now.

However, all the other features are fair game. What the PS3 really needs is cross game voice and video chat. Once the system gets those features, it will be smooth sailing.

jahcure3768d ago

But why is cross game voice and video chats so important. I will come out and admit i've never used video chat and i've use the voice chat once. But thinking rationally, do you really put on your ps3 to talk to someone?

We have a 360 also and i have never used cross game chats. Again it may just be me but i have never felt the desire to be playing a game, see a friend come online, and then be overly compelled to message them or voice chat with them while i'm playing another game.

If someone can give me an insight to this feature and how you use it, maybe i may appreciate it better.

thereapersson3768d ago

If you're in the heat of a game, you can just pull up a menu while playing and select your friend and send him a quick voicemail inviting him to play a game with you, instead of taking the time to type out an invite. Much easier and quicker, too.

jahcure3768d ago

When he logs on he can see what you are playing already. If he wants to join you he can if he's going to play that specific game. Then an invite would not have been much use :)

I'm not trying to be difficult but this is just how i think...ya know?

LiquifiedArt3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

I acutally do agree with some of your points. The PS3 is now at the CORE level of online capabilties and even exceeds them in some areas in comparison to there xbox live competitor.

2 Additional Features:
-Cross Game Voice Messages
-Cross Game 1 on 1 RealTime Chat

*These are icing on the cake features but still create a smoother community experience.

With those 2 small additions and Home there really isnt much else to desire. Some people say Cross-game Invites, while thats cool its not a big deal. I think the Communication lines need to be strengthened first and those are the first things to be done.

StephanieBBB3768d ago

Sony haven't even put alot of money in marketing the PS3. How can it be marketing itself?


Lumbo3768d ago

When will this absurd "MS has a patent on custom soundtrack" rumor die?


MS filed a patent APPLICATION years ago, the patent office did NOT approve the patent, hence there is no patent number and no issued date on the file. Like on ALL failed patent applications.

The way Sony made the custom soundtrack feature in the latest firmware is EXACTLY like MS did it. There goes your patent nonsense. The reason why xbox360 games all have it enabled is cause Microsoft made the feature MANDATORY for every title for the 360. When MS included the feature in the first xbox the situation was the same as with the PS3 today, most already in development titles did not support it, hardly any title got patched for it. New titles started to use it way after the inclusion. It was a good decision by Microsoft to make it mandatory for the new console, hence everyone can use it all the time. But it is clear that Sony will also make this feature mandatory for NEW projects.


TheExecutive3768d ago

Thank you lumbo. Needed to be said. PS4 will have all of this stuff mandatory. The ps3 will possibly have it, but not right now.

harrisk9543768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Xbox has a patent on ITS OWN TECHNOLOGY for universal in-game custom soundtrack support... Sony has a different technology and implementation. You can't patent an IDEA.... It is like when Apple sued MS when Windows came out b/c it looked like Apple's desktop. Apple came out on the losing end of that battle...

But, since it appears that you are an aspring attorney (I think not), I would very much like to hear whatever other legal pearls of wisdom you have.

EDIT: @Lumbo... I didn't see your post before I made my own small rant... bubbles for you.

King_many_layers3768d ago

to agree that cross game invites are needed on the system ( for me personally ) as I've noticed that some games don't have a lobby ( GH3 ) and I'd much rather be playing with my friends than strangers.

also, cross game chat would be great because for example when I'm playing warhawk I may want to speak with a friend, but they have been placed on the other team.

TheMART3768d ago

"Thank you lumbo. Needed to be said. PS4 will have all of this stuff mandatory. The ps3 will possibly have it, but not right now. "

So more people start to think stuff like Home, the online system and all that was promised this gen will only arrive truly on the next gen PS4?

Sounds like the PS3 is and will be a gimped system then.

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LossTheEarthbreaker3768d ago

'nuff said and better than limiting your scope to one outlet.

RSX3768d ago

Nicely said
Bubble up

juuken3768d ago

Gaming FTW as well but to see the PS3 come a long way, it deserves wins as well.

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zo6_lover273768d ago

Why did they have to review it? But 4.5/5(9/10) is not bad at all.

jedthehumanoid3768d ago

the 80GB PS3 is being launched in Europe this Friday, which must be why it's being reviewed now. The 40GB version has now been discontinued...

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