4 “Marmite” Games

Joe from GamersFTW writes about 4 games that polarize people's opinions and that, like Marmite, people either love them or you hate them.

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MaximusPrime_658d ago

Hmmm, love marmite. Especially on toast

G20WLY658d ago

Came here to learn about 4 games relating to Marmite.

Left disappointed :(

MasterCornholio658d ago

Yeah I was expecting a marmite eating simulator among them.

bangoskank658d ago

Not even going to read the article but came to praise marmite. It has been an excellent ingredient in some of my recipes. Good stuff!

pompombrum658d ago

PC? PS4? Sony? Microsoft? Xbox? Pffft..Marmite masterace!

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