GC 2008: Details of tomorrow's press conferences

Games Convention 2008 kicks off properly tomorrow morning with the EA press conference at 9.00am CET. That's 8.00am BST, if you're in the UK. The biggie tomorrow is the Sony conference at 5.00pm CET. You can read timings for everything that's going on tomorrow here. Below is listed everything we'll going to (try to) live blog. All times are CET.

9.00am - EA press conference
10.00am - Konami press conference
11.00am - Ubisoft press conference
2.00pm - Activision press conference
5.00pm - Sony press conference

More details hit the link.

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bluecapone3742d ago

still no word on live streams?

TheHater3742d ago

don't know. I hope someone stream it live

TheHater3742d ago

So what time would that be EASTER Time

AngryHippo3742d ago

.....cant wait to c what sony show....hopefully they will blow us away with heavy rain.

3742d ago Replies(3)
wolf13063742d ago

what time will it be eastern time.