The Best Far Cry Games: All 5 Ranked

Twinfinite: With a new Far Cry title on the way, it's time to rank the rest of the series. What's your favorite? Let us tell you ours.

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GigawattConduit921d ago

Had a lot of fun with Blood Dragon. Still waiting on that sequel...

PerfidiousSinn921d ago

Blood Dragon is my favorite. Loved the humor and mostly the brevity. I got my fill of Far Cry and it took like 10 hours instead of 40.

GigawattConduit921d ago

True that, and I think that's part of what made it so fun. It doesn't pad itself out like a lot of sandbox games do.

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BongSmack919d ago

FC3, FC4, Blood Dragon, FC, FC2.
"I'm gonna shoot you in the face!" If the acting hadn't been so atrocious in the first one, it might have been better than Blood Dragon.