Why Nioh could be one of PS4's definitive 2016 exclusives

Alex from GamersFTW writes "The wait for Nioh is finally coming to a close, and the timing could not have been better for a title featuring the same successful gameplay formula attributed to the popularity of games such as Dark Souls. The ramifications of Bloodborne’s success for both Team Ninja and PlayStation, cannot now be overstated. Nioh could well prove to be a massively important exclusive for PS4 in 2016."

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joedom959d ago

I really like the setting of feudal Japan, and if it plays half as well as Bloodborne then we're in for a treat.

Also, this looks like a good way for Team Ninja to make up for the embarassingly easy Ninja Gaiden 3. They need to salvage their reputation a little bit.

ShadowKnight959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

Team Ninja have confirmed the game will run at a butter smooth 1080p 60fps. Awesome news!

t-hall785958d ago

Agree if you platinum'd Bloodborne. Disagree if it was too much for you :p.

miyamoto958d ago


Is the guy here American or English?

darren_poolies959d ago

If this is anything like Onimusha then it had just bumped Dark Souls 3 off the top of my most wanted list.

Yukes959d ago

Onimusha was a fantastic series. Really hope we do get a true successor at some point in the near future. Nioh has a similar appearance, but looks like it plays a lot faster. Looks awesome nonetheless!

ravens52959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

I just hope its tight movement. Onimusha was slow and tight, bloodborne is fast and tight.Fast and tight is good for this type of game. Example of fast and loose would be infamous second son, wouldn't like that movement for this game.

PS Onimusha was that shit.

Yukes959d ago

Do you mean THE sh*t raven?? I hope so!

basilboxer959d ago

This game looks sweet! No idea why Onimusha hasn't been brought back, but this will do nicely.

GloibinDookie958d ago

"Preez bwe exsrited foor Ni hoh"

ZaWarudo959d ago

It certainly looks awesome.

madhouse02959d ago

Agree with author about Japan not being used enough as a setting. It seems like an obvious place for a stealth game... or any action game for that matter. Still waiting on that Assassin's creed title..

DragonKnight959d ago

That'll be a long wait. The Creative Director for Assassin's Creed is of this mistaken belief that Japan is an overused, overplayed, obvious, and cliché location that we don't want and wouldn't enjoy.

Sunny_D958d ago

And yet he keeps having us play in the most overused European locations ever...

DragonKnight958d ago

That's because it's easier to reuse assets since the architecture isn't too different. Ubi loves reusing assets.

ecchiless958d ago

F**k AC i want a new Tenchu...

eyeDEVOUR958d ago

Wasnt that a fromsoft game? Or am i thinking about bushido blade?

ecchiless958d ago

Original Tenchu was from acquire/activision, then later from K2 LLC/fromsoftware.

Acquire did this one after losing tenchu

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The story is too old to be commented.