Blu-ray proves viable for PS3's success

Ever since its release, skepticism has shrouded Sony's PS3 and the viability of its Blu-ray drive. The Blu-ray format is essentially the evolution of today's DVD. With high definition televisions rapidly becoming standard in many of today's households, the demand for HD movies and games has increased as well. Media that is displayed in high definition requires a much higher storage capacity in order to be contained on a single disc. This is essentially where the difference between Blu-ray and DVD can be found. A standard dual-layer DVD can hold approximately 8.7 GB of data while a Blu-ray can hold about 50 GB. While there is no doubt a substantial difference between the two formats, we find ourselves questioning the necessity of so much space on a single disc.

Let's take a look at "Grand Theft Auto 4," an ambitiously large game that runs flawlessly on both DVD and Blu-ray formats. When looking at such an enormous game that comfortably fits on a single DVD, one begins to wonder if additional space is needed. After all, do gamers really need games larger than "GTA4"?

With that in mind let's consider the PS3's flagship game, "Metal Gear Solid 4." According to game developer Hideo Kojima, "MGS4" fills up an entire Blu-ray disc. That means it would require nearly 6 DVDs to run on the Xbox 360, which unlike the PS3 contains only a standard DVD drive. A game like "Metal Gear Solid 4" requires such a large data capacity because of the cinematic experience it seeks to provide. Containing over 10 hours of cutscenes and one of the most technically impressive visual and audio performances to date, it is no surprise Kojima needed all 50 GB of data.

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HighDefinition3741d ago

Like DVD was to the PS2.

Simple as that.

Nothing is WRONG w/ that.

thereapersson3741d ago

And you are correct, High Definition, about the DVD format helping the PS2 boost its gaming potential. More storage is always a good thing, though there are many idiots here who will gladly disagree with that logic...

HighDefinition3741d ago

"More storage is always a good thing"

Sega and I definitely AGREE w/ you.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago

if they dont drop that royalty for extra discs

personally im glad i dont need to do that old school 'please insert disc four then press start' rubbish


thereapersson3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

The only problem is, unless a title is developed with Blu-Ray in mind, from a developer who really knows what they are working with, we'll have a hard time seeing the format's true potential. It's the problem with having two systems with two different storage formats, and then having to cater to the lowest common denominator (aka DVD9) when taking space into consideration during game development.

It's not like last gen, where both the original XBOX and the PS2 both used DVD as a storage format.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

i see what your saying but i disagree that We wIll have a hard time seeing the potential of bluray, we are already witnessing it,your argument caters for multiplat releases,why do you think sony are parading their inhouse games?because they are exclusive to the bluray format and really show off what the ps3 and bluray are capable of,so its irrelevant what format the 360 has,the only relevance i can think of in the 360 having a dvd9 is that mulitplat games may not be all what the developer wanted it to be unless they are willing to bite the bullet and add all they wish to the ps3 version which wil cause controversy of course

look at mgs4,uncharted let alone the upcoming games which require bluray as a neccesity do you think MAG 200+online game could be done on dvd9 or killzone?

we are already witnesing the fruits of bluray so early into its hddvd beating life imagine 2-3 years from now

but well written reaper bubbles

thereapersson3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

How much more potential is there for better games when given more storage? Developers have to work less to cram everything on the disk, and can instead concentrate more on other areas of the game. Now, i'm not saying that Blu-Ray is a guaranteed indication that a game will be good; look at games that were released earlier in the console's life cycle, and you will see that it's more because of developers' relative inexperience with the system.

You see now that we are almost 2 years into the life cycle of the PS3, and as we go further and further along we see more and more instances of developers wishing they had more space to work with when it comes to the 360. Sure, they can get games out that are amazing pieces of work, but usually it's coupled with statements saying that they had to work a little harder on compression, or cut a few corners here and there, or spend more time on optimization just to fit in 7 GB of data that's not even going to be uncompressed and installed on a HDD (360 discs are 9GB, but have approximately 2 or so GB of copyright encryption measures by default).

It's just a given that more storage = more developer freedom.

BTW, PC games don't count because the files on the disk are highly compressed, and become extremely large when installed to the computer's hard drive. After all, if size wasn't an issue, we would still be utilizing CD-ROM's on every PC game released today.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

your statement says that well have a hard time seeing the potential of bluray and again in your next statement your still talking about dvd9 and the 360.

360 and dvd9 is not a hinderence for ps3 or bluray, if sony had to rely on 3rd party support as much as microsoft then i could see a point in your statement because dvd9 would restrict developers imaginations but sony have got many 1st party studios developing games which prove what you say is wrong.

ill bring up uncharted again that game playing through again with trophy support could not be done on dvd9 and have the same effect,motorstorm remember the 1st time you retinas witness the carnage?mgs4 need i say more

360 and dvd9 are irrelevant to witnessing the potential of bluray its already started my friend open your eyes and view the here,now and future

thereapersson3741d ago

It's just nice to have a good discussion without fanboys butting in with their nonsense. Bubbles you and High Def.

BTW, your posting headlines make it seem as if you are shouting at us. Hahah, just a funny thought...

Jamie Foxx3741d ago

lol i do it on all my posts lol

bubbles dude

juuken3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Agreed, and bubbles for you three.

The Wood3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )


There are many clichés in life that hold true a lot of the time and one of those is 'bigger is better'. When it comes to gaming, Blu Ray is better by default and design as devs have the option to use it if they want to. Its so simple;)

titntin3741d ago

I see your argument, but you seem to be forgettimg that by far the largest number of games coming to the PS3 are multi platform titles.

Almost any developer developing for a multiplat arcade style title will design their game with the 7.5gig dvd limit in mind. Of course, first party and exclusive titles will continue to feel unconstrained by space issues, but the fact is, the vast majority of titles will have been designed for the space constrictions imposed by the dvd format.

So, maybe 7 or 8% of titles will see the bennifit of increased storage space. The rest will not.

thereapersson3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Your post coincides with the one I made in 1.7. I'm glad you think the same on this matter as I do.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

what has 3rd party multiplat titles,360 or dvd9 got to do with seeing the potential of bluray?

yes 3rd party developers are restricted but have you not witnessed bluray potential? if 3rd party developers cant maximise bluray because of dvd9 constraints does that mean we wont see the potential of bluray?simple answer no,3rd party games are not the holy land thats why sony are investing all their energy into 1st party studios dont you think they realise if they had to rely on 3rd party deveolpers all their resources that went into bluray would be wasted due to gamers not seeing the benefits?

mgs4,uncharted motorstorm have set the foundation and games like MAG and killzone are the bricks and mortar of the bluray experience, can you imagine the storage space it will take for a game like MAG?

sony have inhouse studios who are giving us the pleasure of witnessing the benefits of extra storage has over dvd9 thus giving us a glimpse of the bluray potential so i disagree again 3rd party titles are irrelevant nomatter the percentage to seeing the potential of bluray

it seems that you are all straying off the original disagreement i had with reaper,he said we will have a hardtime to see the potential of bluray due to dvd9 but the potential of bluray is already evident in exclusive games and will continue to be shown to us maybe not through 3rd party games but through 1st party games and there are quite a few on the horizon already

boodybandit3741d ago

bubbles for everyone above.
BTW I agree with all of you.

Wasn't there an article posting here a few weeks or so ago about adding even more capacity to BluRay disc? I am trying to find the article now. If that is the case and it's compatible with existing BluRay players, it makes me wonder about the future of movies and games on the PS3. No compression needed of any kind. That would be amazing.

The Wood3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

the ps3 has enough units out there for devs to consider it a viable process to make multiplats customised/optimised, we'll have to make do using the 360's dvd -9 as the lowest denominator. IF the numbers reach the ps2 vs xbox ratio then all multiplats should lean towards taking full advantage of blu ray. You could argue that some games are already doing so by the things that have been chopped from 360 titles

I saw the potential of blu ray since its conception. If its needed for HD movies, why wouldn't it be needed for HD gaming.

thereapersson3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I think what he was getting at, is that the majority of Multiplatform developers, the ones who make the games that generate the most revenue and sales, use the 360's DVD9 format as a base for development. Also, most developers use the 360 as a lead sku (yes, I know this is slowly changing to the other way around, but still not fast or widespread enough), and port data to the PS3. Even when a studio has separate teams working on both versions of a game, they still go off of what was originally conceived for a multiplatform approach, using the console with the most sales as leverage in their development decisions.

We see results in the form of exclusive games such as Uncharted or MGS 4, so we know what the format is capable of. However, how long it is before Blu-Ray is universally acknowledged as the superior gaming format by every developer and company is when we will really see the format take off.

Bubble Buddy3741d ago

This would've been a different story if MS used a built-in HD-DVD player in the 360, but they didn't and I think that they will regret this decision. Bubbles+ to all.

The Wood3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Im not sure if that would of been enough after transformers had to cut the HD sound out because of the lack of space on HDDVD

@J Foxx

thereapersson's right only because he said 'full potential' We know its proved itself from the moment a game was made that was larger than what dvd-9 could handle. You dont need any more proof or realisation than that. dvd-9 is holding multiplats back thus blu ray's full potential has not been realised nor does that mean it wont be


heres how i see it. full potential is shown when comparable to something else so a multiplat game that uses the full potential of blu ray more than a 1st party game which will never be comparable. Even now haters feel that all of sony's 1st party games are doable on the 360 where as there will be no doubts when the game is a multiplat.

We know the guy has the 100m world record but can he beat the others in the Finals. nah scrap that one...... Mohamed Ali vs Rocky Marciano Both. Who's the greatest? IF it were posible for them to fight each other then we may have had a conclusive answer ie the ps3 version of GTA5 is the definitive version because its 10 hours longer with an extra island to explore, you see what im saying.

Both jamie and thereapersson's are correct. eff it We're ALL right

MURKERR3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

bubbles to all but you all strayed off the original thing by reading the posts jamies right dvd9 or 3rd party does not mean the potential of bluray we wont see or will be hard to see its already there staring at you in your local game shop

@WOOD you are way wrong who will show off what your system can do better 3rd or 1st party?

look at gow2 on ps2,inhouse game, what 3rd party game showed off the ps2 better? what games graphically are showing us the potential of bluray best right now?1st party thats who,i guarantee the companie thats shows of bluray best will be sony themselves

jamies right on this one

marinelife93741d ago

Am I late to the bubble Party?? Bubbles for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

Great article by the way.

thereapersson3741d ago

Can't wait to see what developers have in store for us!

JUUKENS HOT3741d ago

wood you are wrong im on jamies side who better to show the potential of your hardware than your own company? who made god of war..3rd party?hell no inhouuse baby all the way whos showing bluray best now?umm sony who in the future will show off bluray best..umm sony

3rd party have never shown off a sony console best, gran turismo uncharted the list goes on

MURKERR3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

so how is reaper right then?we dont need multiplats to show us a game is using the benefits of bluray or couldnt be done on 360 using 6 discs alone for ff13 is showing me potential kodjima stating mgs4 couldnt be the same experience on lesser machines is justification enough.

uncharted nor mgs4 could be done on 360 without it being a lesser game

sorry but mr foxx is right on this one this one, look at gran turismot could that be done on 360? sony showed of ps2 best with gran turismo and gow and have started and will finish showing off ps3 best also

The Wood3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

dude, check what i typed (plus the edit)

Jamie is right and 1st person games have always shown out. Im just saying that thereapersson has a point and so does tin tin. We all agree that blu ray has proved itself so the question is the term full potential. There does not have to be 'sides' here

Back in the day Amiga and Atari use to have the same games but the amiga 1's were better and that was due to the amiga's hardware. That was irrefutable proof. Irrefutable proof will only be possible when a 3rd party devs actually utilises the blu ray where the differences are there for all to see because they are comparable. 1st party games, although the best users of hardware, are not comparable. 3rd party devs can also make better games just as infinity ward. Imagine what improvements could of been made had they used blu rays potential and there lies my argument.

"3rd party have never shown off a sony console best, gran turismo uncharted the list goes on" and until they use blu ray to its full potential we wont know what 3rd parties are capable off. Lets give them a chance before we discard them because the 1st parties are showing them what's possible


my irrefutable proof is simpler than gt5p. All i needed to prove blu rays potential is 1 game over what dvd-9 could handle..............thats it, nothing more. GT5p may have been as good as it as it was from programming skills alone. Im not sure how large the game was so dont shoot me. What that game showed me was that the ps3 IS a powerhouse. The reason that thereapersson is right also is because 99% of multiplatform games dont use blu rays space. They were on about different things and people are choosing side when they are both correct. Theres not one point where thereapersson has said that 1st party games haven't shown blu rays potential. That wasnt even his angle

JUUKENS HOT3741d ago

sony and ps2 have made your point void

ps2 is coing to its end in lifecycle who showed off the hardware best? sony and its inhouse studios so why all of a sudden because 3rd developers have to use dvd9 this generation we wont see full potential of bluray?again thats why sony like in the ps2 days will show us the full potential of bluray have you not seen killzone or heard of a little game called MAG?

MURKERR3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

just take a look at killzone thats all the proof you need there my friend

just the mention of a developer stating that a games inferior due to multiple discs needed is proof my friend open your eyes dude lol

of course 1st party havnt shown off all the potential of bluray yet its a new format but 1st party studios will amaze us yearly just like ps2 gow2 on dvd9 looks sick thats a 1st party developer showing us dvd9 and ps2 architecture to the max so dont expect to see full potential in two years but you will see it and you wont need 3rd party support for it to be done all this talk of 3rd party by you,reaper and tintin is nonsense

ps3 has so far blueprinted ps2 exactly, bad start,gaining sales,new medium developers moaning about how hard it is then kapow youl witness something amazing and it wont be from 3rd party

The Wood3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

my irrefutable proof (that blu ray has proved its potential) is simpler than gt5p. All i needed to prove blu rays potential is 1 game over what dvd-9 could handle..............thats it, nothing more and that happened early in year 1.

When 1st party devs get pushed by multiplat devs (if they ever do) then it will be better for us all PS3 guys anyway = full potential

1st party's may/are use(ing) blu ray to its full potential but blu ray on the whole isnt being used to its full potential by the industry.

JUUKENS HOT: by saying that your almost saying that no 3rd party game pushed the ps2. Okami is one of my favourite games and that was made by clover. There are a ton of games that used the ps2's potential both 1st to 3rd party so thats 'void' since opinions had to be pigeon holed;

Even though i feel the line between blu rays potential and the ps3's potential on the whole have been mixed into our discussion ill give a
bubble for everyone including those who didn't share my opinion cause its all good and in good sport;)

The Wood3740d ago

ive just clocked that you really didn't read what i typed and if you did you've misinterpreted or misunderstood what i said. (im bored its late im out)

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LightningPS33741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

and what about every other game?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

PLAYSTATION®3 + Blu-ray = SEXY!!! ;-P

+GTA4 would of been better if only made for the PS3!!!;)
Shame that :-/
+More and more people are getting HD:TV's and when they see that SEXY;)Blu-ray Logo on the SEXY;)PS3 Box they will say and think...
'I'll go for that!!!' 'Brilliant Games Console and a Brilliant Blu-ray Player all in one SEXY;)Box!!!' ;-P Clever SONY!!!;)

theKiller3741d ago

blue ray games is the current gen games!!

and i dont want to hear from a bot that there is some multiplatform games that looks better on 360, because the blue ray version was downgraded because of the DVD on 360!!

we all saw how good ps3 exclusives!!

S1nnerman3741d ago

I think the PS3 would have been finished. IMO, the blueray has been a great selling feature - more and more consumers have HD televisions and the PS3 is one the cheapest and best players on the market. Game size is not, however, an indication of how good a game might be. Size, is not everything (or so they tell me!)

Mr_Bun3741d ago

I agree that it would be a totally different story had M$ added the HD DVD player bundled. I think that they were too busy scrambling over the RRoD problem and that screwed them.

UltimateIdiot9113741d ago

I had decided not to get the 360. I was close to making the purchase around release date but no HD-DVD standard was a turn off. The hd format war would have been even more unpredictable if the 360 had it. I knew from the start when Microsoft did not make HD-DVD standard, HD-DVD lost.

OgTheClever3741d ago

There is one flaw in the 360 standard HD-DVD argument and this is that it would have added a fair amount to the price - most likely putting off quite a few people from buying early on.

Remember that the PS3 was delayed for a year mainly to wait for the cost of the Blu-ray drive to come down and to produce enough (the cost of the Cell was also an issue but not as much as Blu-ray).

badz1493741d ago

in 2005, BD and HD DVD was still new and not as viable as they are now. I was in Japan during that time but I've only heard about BD because there were some players being sold but no HD DVD!(1st heard it in 2006) M$ decided to release 360 early and including HD DVD drive inside was never an option! the original xbox was crushed by the PS2 and M$ needed something to overcome it! that's why, in order to make the 360 viable to mostly everybody, they just included DVD drive and the architechture similar to the PC so it's easy to develop for! plus, unlike Sony with BD, M$ didn't have any hand in developing HD DVD at all! anything to do with HD DVD is the loss for M$ to Toshiba and thus making the 2005 debut impossible and 360 would have never be in it's current position! so, why would they want to do that? they knew, we knew, everybody knew that they stand no chance if competing head-to-head with PS3 by releasing simultaneously! PS3 will win with just by the name alone!(brand recognition & loyalty) so, it was never their choice to not include HD DVD drive in 360, but it was never the option for them to begin with!

Mr_Bun3741d ago

You make a good point with the whole Toshiba/HD DVD vs M$ fact. Makes more sense now why HD DVD wasn't bundled

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Vicophine3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I think it's the other way around, the PS3 saved the Blu Ray format and thankfully it has proven very viable.

Bubbles plz..I lost 2 yesterday due to a disgruntled Wii fanboy..

S1nnerman3741d ago

if you buy me a blueray DVD ... damn things cost quite a bit still!! Kidding ... have a bubble on me sir :)

Andras843741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Let's stop saying Blu-ray DVD!! It's Blu-ray *OR* DVD.

It's like back in the day when DVD came out...saying buy me a DVD VHS player...see how stupid that sounds?

S1nnerman3741d ago

Point well made. I hang my head in shame and will send myself to bed with no supper after watching my new bluray. Better? :)

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