PC Gaming on the Up and Up

For some reason the next-gen phenomenon has been hailed by analysts as a console war. What these gurus of gaming fail to see however is another medium all but lost in the fanfare. PC Gaming, once a proud leader of the gaming realm, has somehow flipped upon its back and become an underdog. Many even doubt it's existence as a viable platform in the future. The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) would rather think differently.

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hokiebonoz3686d ago

what happened to all the moaning about FPS' being better on a PC?

DarkPrince3686d ago

So, PC gaming isn't dead as some of us already though.

Mr_Bun3686d ago

I am as surprised as you!

Balance3686d ago

i think some games tend to be more viable on certain platforms, for example RTS i would still rather play on the pc but sports games,raching and even FPSs are in the console now. i used to believe that a mouse and keyboard and a couple of nvidia cards would woop anyone with a controller on FPS games however after playing alot of FPS games on the consoles the last year i truely think controllers are even par if not a wee bit better.

JDW3686d ago

I would hate to go online in cod4 with a controller vs a group of people with mouse/keyboard controls.

ravinash3686d ago

If anything, console gaming has encouraged me to go back and start playing PC games again.
My PS3 will still get plenty of use, but there are some good games coming out on PC which i want to get like Spore, Starcraft 2 and Diablo3.

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