Oh Wow, The Sims 4 Is The Sims 2 But Worse

Twinfinite: Let’s get it out of the way now that The Sims 2 and The Sims 4 have quite a bit in common.

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-Foxtrot1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Well exactly. It got EA'd

3-4-51043d ago

Didn't even try out Sims 4 after I saw what they did to Sim City....that game was boring after about 2 hours.

At least we got City Skylines.

-Foxtrot1043d ago (Edited 1043d ago )

There's not really a good alternative to the Sims like Skylines is for Sim City...




Why isn't there an alternative to the Sims? I mean think about it EA are f****** it up here and it would be such an easy task to outdo them.

All a developer would have to do in their clone is do a Sims like game but add in ideas which EA would keep for expansions. University, Nightlife, Business, Pets, Seasons etc. Then people would be like "Why buy the Sims when this new game offers X, Y and Z not found in the main game.

Jeez...maybe I should kickstart this (I kid...I'm not that good)

DxTrixterz1044d ago

Still think that Sims 3 are best. I loved open world gameplay.

ONESHOTV21044d ago

bought every thing for the sim 3 and got sims 2 for free. the sims 3 is best played with mods though there are some crazy ones out there. i have no interest in sims 4 for now why play that when i can finally finish sims medieval.