OXM: Too Human Review

OXM writes: Hating Too Human is all too easy. When it's bad, its failings all hit you at once: the questionable controls; its bizarre respawning system; the enemies' tendencies to annihilate everything near them - and you're screaming like Loki with serpent-venom drip-drip-dripping in his eyes.

Either way, eventually the big fights start to flow, leading to fewer interruptions, while your acquired skills make the difficulty humps less offensive. And you start thinking it's more of an eight out of ten. But then there's the 12 hours it took to get to the point where the game clicked and you realise, for all its charm, that it's a game that you shouldn't hate. But it's not one that deserves your love either.

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Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!

Nykamari3744d ago

If you don't like don't buy, I'll get it because its a game i like. Why do people care about what other people think? Reviews don't MEAN sh!t. Don't let reviewers control our PASSION just play games if you like it.

Syronicus3744d ago

You can't let it bother you. I agree, reviews in singularity mean nothing but sites like metacritic help take the bunch and lump them together for a broad review.

You have to understand, when a PS3 game tanks, the Xbox boys go into a mad fit and slam the PS3 for having yet another bomb. Now that another 360 exclusive has tanked, the PS fanboys are having their day. it goes back and forth here and you just have to hit the ignore button and BAM! Your on your way to a fanboy free site.

Chubear3744d ago

but you were rabidly trolling PS3 forums like crazy laughing your butt off when Lair & Haze reviews came out. You weren't applying this statement to those game then were you. :/

blooodFrenzy923744d ago

this seems like a game where you really need to spend a lot of time with it to enjoy. I need to play it before i can comment buti can see manypeople actually loving this game. I have a feeling its one that the reviewers dont like but a lot of people do

Superfragilistic3744d ago

Yeah agreed. IGN UK said the same thing

"Is it possible to recommend, in good conscience, a game that only really becomes enjoyable after around 10 hours?"

Seems like the first playthrough is a grind but the co-op and higher levelling make replay a lot better.

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beavis4play3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

i'm big enough to say i'm wrong. i said in another thread that OXM would give this an 8 at least. and that's not true. with their record of handing out 8+ to games this one must have some negatives. still, if you liked the demo; buy the game. that's what i do.(nobody should base purchases solely on reviews) reviews shouldn't matter so much.

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