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Eurogamer reports:

''I think it's only fair to warn you. These are first words I'm typing, but I can already tell from my notes that this is going to be a laundry list of complaints, gripes and grumbles. And that's a shame, because Too Human isn't a terrible game. It's just one of those "could've been" games where potential is squandered in so many areas that it's hard to know where to begin. Suffice to say, most of the game's good points can be summed in one simple sentence: it's a pretty good action game. Not a very good one, and certainly not a great one, but a slightly-above-average entry in the hack'n'slash genre that provides amusement amidst annoyances.

The core concept won't be new to anyone who watched Ulysses 31 in the 1980s. It's ancient mythology rewritten as science fiction, with Norse legends retold as an advanced civilisation where cybernetically-enhanced humans are considered protective gods by the general population. Our hero is Baldur, favoured creation of the AI program ODIN and popular people's champion of Asgard. You can rename him (although everyone still calls him Baldur) and choose one of five classes for him, and each will be familiar to regular RPG players. Berserker is your meaty melee combat specialist while Commando is your choice for firearms and ranged weapons. Champion is the piggy in the middle, averagely proficient at both forms of fighting. Defender is the heavily armoured tank option, with Bio Engineer the surrogate Mage, able to heal himself and others.''

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jahcure3769d ago

Can ALL the big name reviewers be wrong about this game? Like seriously?

Jamie Foxx3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

just by the way he starts off the article ''I think it's only fair to warn you. These are first words I'm typing' sheesh i bet he had a stiff drink after that post,surprised he could type with the shaking hands

its a frigging review not a death in the family...well i dont think

3769d ago
San anto3769d ago

This game fcking fails :D!!!!!

LeShin3769d ago

"Can ALL the big name reviewers be wrong about this game? Like seriously?"

In a a word? Yeah

Loads of big name reviewers gave GTA4 a 10, I completey disagreed with that as i sold it after 3 weeks.

Loads of big name reviewers gave Lair really bad scores, though I liked that a lot and it's still in my collection

Loads of big name reviewers gave Soul Calibur 4 higher marks than Soul Calibur 3, yet I enjoyed 3 more.

Everything is down to personal preference......unless there's a huge game destroying bug which makes the game unplayable like freezes (One game comes to mind.....).

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You bought an Xbox3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

EuroBot just gave Too HaHaMan 6/10

Ha Ha

Never Mind Bots You've still got BomberMan

Ha Ha

Just look at the Bots
That are NOT approving the Too Flopman Reviews

Ha Ha

Panthers3769d ago

So much for not being like Haze. It is getting pretty much the same reviews, maybe a little higher.

San anto3769d ago

nope they are lower my friend XD

InMyOpinion3769d ago Haze - 55 avg. Too Human - 67 avg.

It's way too early to say yet though since Too Human has only had 6 reviews on metacritic and Haze has 61. I think it will end up on about 62 avg.

PirateThom3769d ago

I called it ages and ages ago as being between 6 and 7, but the lower end of that is definitely looking most likely.

chanto233769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Too Human/ Haze/ Lair

Eurogamer 60/ 40/ 40
IGN(AU,US,UK) 78/ 58/ 49
GameInformer 68/ 63/ 73
Gamespot 55/ 60/ 45
---------------->1up 42/ 33/ 60
---------------->Gamepro 8 0/ 70/ 75
---------------->Gametrail ers ??/ 62/ ??
---------------->--------- - ------------------- ------
---------------->Average: 63.8/ 55.1/ 57

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PirateThom3769d ago

Funny, because this is an overhyped 360 game published by Microsoft a lot of people are like "Ooh, reviews don't matter, I play what I like" while if this was on PS3, there would already be articles asking "Too Human Flops: Is the PS3 finished?"

Drekken3769d ago

And they call this site and its fans Sony bias... amazing huh?

PirateThom3769d ago

There's articles like that from both sides though. Often, one side is as bad as the other, but the 360 fans were always judging the PS3 on its worst rated, hyped exclusives (Lair, Haze) rather than its highest rated games, now 360 fans have the same coming at that, ignoring Halo 3 and Mass Effect, Too Human is all the 360 is capable of.

InMyOpinion3769d ago

Looks like Too Human was Too Hyped.

Vicophine3769d ago

Or ya know...just..sucked?

InMyOpinion3769d ago

Not IMO. But according to reviewers you could say that. I'm a huge fan of loot rpgs so I will pick it up, but it certainly seems flawed. I'm still a bit amazed though cause I really liked the demo. The complete game might be very different though.

Vicophine3769d ago

Reviewers have said that it drags horrible in the final stages of the game. The demo wasn't that stage lol

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