Emily is Not Real: The End of "Real" Actors?

PC World writes "I have seen the future of computer-generated video game animation, her name is Emily, and Emily is not real -- or is she?"

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xtreampro_REVENGE!3741d ago

after a few seconds i relized its fake, i dont know how, but something felt strange about her movements, but its pretty good, and its the most realistic i've seen

Kleptic3741d ago

yeah, at first I thought it was just wierd make-up or something, but then her eyes gave it away for me....even before they made it obvious...

still undeniably goo though...and that 'uncanny valley' stuff seems to shrink even more every year or so...

Tobias1233741d ago

It wasn't so much the eyes that stuck out, it was the mouth and lips and teeth that really looked weird, to me at least. But still, this is quite impressive.

FreeMonk3741d ago

That was pretty impressive. The most realistic so far.

I'd love to see it in HD rather than a poor quality YouTube video, to see it crystal clear, just incase there were any textures that look off in HD.

Sweet overall, but I wonder how much it would all cost for a feature length 90 minute movie!!? Maybe a lot more than hiring actors!

StephanieBBB3741d ago

I don't think that the end of real actors will come for a long time. wanna know why? It's virtually impossible to create natural flaws like grass growing beneeth pavement making it un-even and such like that.

Computer made humans and worlds are too perfect to look real.

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jerethdagryphon3741d ago

yea there were some off moments but if you saw that on screen and it wasnt tigtly focuses=d you may think twice
very impresive

Leathersoup3741d ago

It does look like the face is stuck on there crooked. As for the whole "no need for actors" bit. Um... If you're just sticking a different face on an actor it sort of defeats the purpose.

pp3741d ago

This makes Heavy Rain look like ps2 graphics

Halo3Mgs43741d ago

if this game makes heavy rain look like ps2 graphics then i guess that video makes gears2 look like game boy advance graphics

badz1493741d ago

what? and any other games look like PS1 graphics now? seriously?

OgTheClever3741d ago

Well it must make the next Banjo Kazooie look like pre PS1 graphics.

SpaZaA3741d ago

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Timesplitter143741d ago

then what graphics would Pong be compared to this?

That is the question

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