Thunderbolt Review: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Thunderbolt reports:

''You can't deny it. We've finally made it. Just think back to our first gig, all those years ago at Nipmuc high school. Only a handful of rebellious teenagers fuelled by angst were there to offer us support that night. Now look at us, being applauded and screamed at by thousands of diverse fans. They buy our records and travel to our shows, just to see us in action. We've got it all: the cars, the money, and most importantly, the style. Quick, it's time to go on. Are you ready, Steve? The lights are coming up; they're cheering our names. Now pass me my guitar and let us show them what Aerosmith are all about. Let's rock.

The decision to focus the Guitar Hero formula onto one band may have confused many people. With an excellent download service readily available on Live, more often than not Activision release packs of songs focused solely on one group in particular. Four songs are often on offer for a fraction of the price of a full game, meaning many are willing to pay up to personalise their GH experience. This fact makes the decision to release Guitar Hero: Aerosmitha hugely gutsy one, as the title itself directs the game at a specifically intended audience. Nevertheless, GH is back and playing up to it's old tricks once more.''

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