Value in Videogames: A Losing Argument


"We all have complaints when it comes to the gaming industry. Poor quality sequels, game release delays, and in-game advertising are all hot topics on message boards all over the web. Still, one argument seems to transcend gamers of all shapes and sizes, and that is the argument against the pricing of games today. I will attempt to explore this argument until I reach an epiphany, burst a blood vessel, or just plain get bored. Here we go…"

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Maedhros3746d ago

When it comes down to it, we're all cheapskates, we all want something for nothing. It's not like people don't complain about the price of cinema tickets, or CDs, or near enough anything else. That sense of entitlement is part of the cause of piracy.

For what they cost to make, I think game pricing is generally fair. It's not like the music world where a substantial amount of the money you pay for an album goes to middle-men and not the artists. So I'm content forking over £45 or so for games, even though I'd obviously rather buy them for less.