Time To Change The Game: 10 Keys To Making WWE Video Games Great Again

Online leagues, roster updates, alternate histories and other ideas that could make WWE games awesome again.

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Jollyk779d ago

This is Awesome!!! Agree with everything you stated there, well with the roster updates if they just updated them they wouldn't make money they need to add some and then in the next game add more.

But totally agree with the other concepts....the commentary since i can't even remember has been god awful.

I write the reviews on these games for my site so can relate to your stress lol.

Great write up though.

Deios779d ago

I wish Aki Corporation was still around to make WWE games.

Jackhass779d ago

Weirdly, they now work pretty much exclusively on Nintendo's Style Savvy games.

Deios778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

I know. I just wish they would make a wrestling game again.

sephiroth420779d ago

I guess we can only hope, i can see this years game being piece of shit aswell, they need to go right back to the drawing board, or use the mechanics of one of the good earlier gasmes like WWF attitude or Smackdown here comes the pain