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Submitted by blikz 2657d ago | rumor

E.A announced Generals 2?

Speculation that EA is currently developing C&C Generals II is running the rounds on EA's Forums following leads that Electronic Arts had registered the domain name on the 22nd February 2008.

This follows the news that the "Premier Edition" of Red Alert 3 will include a key to enter a beta program for "an upcoming C&C game".

Hit the jump for more info. (PC)

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blikz  +   2658d ago
it will be great if this rumor is true.
Lex Luthor  +   2658d ago
Please let this be true, Generals is one of the best C&Cs.
bourner  +   2657d ago
how would they make it better lol
P4KY B  +   2657d ago
by giving AK47s to everyone!
or maybe some shoes.
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Panthers  +   2657d ago
C&C is one of my favorite series out there. I have almost every title and cant wait for Red Alert 3
Balance  +   2657d ago
generals was great if you could get past the bugs at launch. a generals 2 that isn't as buggy would be awsome!
Jellzy  +   2657d ago
Generals IMO is the best game in the C&C series, just ahead of Red Alert 2. Hopefully the rumours are true and they stick to the fundamentals that made generals what it was. It was simple, it was fun, and thats why it worked.
Tobeknown  +   2657d ago
I loved Generals zero hour, played 2 straight as soon as i got home from school. Would have played longer,but i remember that i couldn't get pass the Humvee tactic.

I wounder what they will do this time around.
rookeagle  +   2657d ago
I hope its true

Generals was awesome
rusgreim  +   2657d ago
I used to play the crap out of these games...
But in the last 3 years or so, I just don't have the patience. Perhaps I'm developing ADHD in my old age, after all I was on board fo rthe original 1995 release of the original C&C.
user9422077  +   2657d ago
awsome if this rumor will be true

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