Play the Argonauts Olympics Mini-game!

In the middle of Olympic fever, Codemasters engineered something that allows those of us who weren't selected for the Olympic team to participate in some sporting events of our own.

For those of you that are old enough, you'll see Codies tipped their hats to the Track and Field game of yore and created a keyboard mashing, festival of fun for you and your friends. There are five events to participate in: 100m Dash, Javelin, Hammer Toss, Long Jump and Archery.

You can try practice mode to hone your skills at each of the five events or you can go straight into competition mode and have one go at each event to build up your overall score.

Throw down the gauntlet and challenge your friends - there's a live leaderboard in place so that you can see who really is the best between you, your friends and the rest of the world, so we'll all be able to keep tabs on who has the fastest fingers in the world!

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