What Latin America Means To Nintendo

Thomcult: During the current state of economic slowdown, emphasis among the major players has been on the development of services and the furthering of relationships with existing consumers. Right now it is much more profitable for these companies to work with their installed userbase and develop revenue streams based on online downloads rather than trying to convince new consumers - strapped for cash and unable to borrow - to invest $200 plus in a new console. This attitude was the subtext of this year's E3, with both Sony and Microsoft putting considerable emphasis on the offerings of both the PSN and Xbox Live.

What does it say, then, when the rest of the industry is digging in to weather the storm that Nintendo is gleefully skipping off to Latin America with an "aggressive" advertising campaign?

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noname1083744d ago

Im from chile but i live in yhe US now and nintendo is pretty famous there but i dont know anyone who has wii ps3 or 360 cuz theyre too fvcking expensive. For example a wii is worth about wat a ps3 is worth here and a ps3 is like twice the price from america. so even if they did more advertising idont see how theyre gonna succed in most countries in latin america.