Free realms 10 minutes of gameplay

SOE has release a video from Free Realms, an MMORPG to Pc and PS3.

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Bombibomb3743d ago

Well it's completely free so I can't complain lol.

Forbidden_Darkness3743d ago

Its not completely free, you can buy in-game items for a certain price.

Bombibomb3743d ago

Oh come on you know what I meant. >_>

Forbidden_Darkness3743d ago

I Know :P

Ether way, its going to be alot of fun, i think.

UnblessedSoul3743d ago

they should put pangya that golf game on ps3 IMO

QuackPot3743d ago serious MMO functionality....all for free.

pp3743d ago

Can't wait to play it on the pc

TheHater3743d ago

according to your logic all PS3 games are crap. Why you getting this game for? It is being made by Sony

mattkelly19913743d ago

"i cant wait to play this on the pc"


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The story is too old to be commented.