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TeamXbox writes: "I think it's best to begin this review by putting everything I've ever known about this game to the side, including the many flame wars it has spawned across the internet the last couple of years, enough square footage of forum board comments to reach from here to Scandinavia and back, I'm sure. I never took part in those earlier debates, for one because I thought they were silly. You can't judge a game until you can actually judge it. Like now.

But reviewing games in a vacuum is very difficult, and putting aside in your mind all pre-release coverage, and dumb things people have said about a game on a message board or even in print is tough. I did my best. I entered in to Too Human with an entirely open mind, and only one real expectation: that it live up to its preordained status as a AAA-quality Xbox 360 exclusive."

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fufotrufo3744d ago

bububububu its team xbox! all their reviews are supposed to be biased!

Jamie Foxx3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

i salute you foryour unbiased accurate approach to reviewing,alot of sites can take notes from you,a certain xbox only site gave this game an 88/100 just to bump up the score on metacritic a suspicious side in suspects if you take into account the other reviews

fanboy reviwers..who needs them

but if you liked the demo just go buy the game, i enjoyed lair and we all know how the reviews went for that.

beavis4play3744d ago

not team xbox. oxm will give it an 8 or up.

el_bandito3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I remember XBOXOZ360 were brave enough to admit that MGS4 was a masterpiece to the point that they even released an official review for a game that is exclusive to the other platform . And Xbox Team comes along, brave enough to admit that some of their preordained AAA games (e.g. Too Human) could mess up. It makes me glad to see some unbiased sites out there too.

ChampIDC3744d ago

Yeah, I'm yet to see a biased TeamXbox review myself. They tend to be about as objective as a review site gets.

iceman28853744d ago

You could tell the reviewer did not like the game, but he constanstly had to add in "but some may like it, it's just not my cup of tea". I never see reviewers do this, but I think the reviewer felt he had to do it to avoid being flame bait for xbox fans who see Too Human as a chance to humiliate Sony b/c they want it to be a million times better than Haze.

I know it's stupid because Haze and Too Human are games on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Sony fans and Xbox fans see them as direct rivals because they are system exclusives that were supposed to possibly be "AAA titles". Sony fans want to see it fail b/c Haze wasn't that good and Xbox fans want it to succeed so bad b/c they want it to be better than Haze and it's an exclusive.

But this little Haze/Too Human Sony/Microsoft comparison is the only reason there are 7 of 8 of the top stories on main site being reviews of Too Human. Personally, I think its stupid on both sides; if a game is good, give it credit, if it not, don't, but for the love of god don't overrate a game or hate on a game just b/c it is an exclusive for a rival console.

Okay, rant over.

morganfell3744d ago

Just remember that TeamXbox is owned by IGN.

The Lazy One3744d ago

Where did people get that idea? It was AA at best. The only reason it got to AAA was because a lot of sony fans wanted to set expectations unrealistically high.

iceman28853744d ago

Just the same way XBox fans said that Haze was AAA when it never was. Both Sony and Microsoft fans have done their fair share of attempting to sabotage/downplay/hate games for their 'rival' console.

The Lazy One3744d ago

it was AAA when it was multi platform at least.

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Bombibomb3744d ago

Finally an accurately well written and unbiased review from a 360 fanboy website. Never thought I'd see the day to be honest.

Shins3744d ago

I'll keep burning the midnight oil looking for unbiased comments. Nice avatar. ;- )

Superfragilistic3744d ago

Nah that was XboxOZ who gave MGS4 a 9.9 ;)

The Wood3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

its all easy to call sites bias so ill take this opportunity to commend their review and their honesty.

J Foxx said it better (above);)

Superfragilistic3744d ago

Here's the linky

XboxOZ360 gave it 9.9/10 (their highest ever score) and said it was "closest thing to perfect since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time".

I think what's more telling about the reviews so far is that 360 sites are disagreeing with each other as much as the IGN's and Gamespots are.

Too Human's like a "love it or leave it" if there ever was one! lol

beavis4play3744d ago

no offense, but i'd hardly call IGN giving this game a 7.8 a "love it" score. the scores for this game seem to range from "ok" to "lacking". but i understand your wanting to spin the reviews. i personally play games i want to play regardless of reviews. so anyone who has an interest in TH should enjoy it regardless of what others (reviewers or anyone else) say.

The Lazy One3744d ago

and the love it leave it idea is a lot more realistic.

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SpecialSauce3744d ago

when i saw this article's score i swear i was gona write the same exact thing.

Pain3744d ago

- But but but!!!!
Its on da XBox!!! has to be good....

krackchap3744d ago

still waiting for xboxkings review
i bet it will be a 9.5 or 10 ;)

Bombibomb3744d ago

TheMART will review it and call it a "Diablo 2 killer". You'll see.

Ice2ms3744d ago

The Mart lol cant see him giving below a 9

ErcsYou3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

The MART actually said it would be at least a solid 8

comment 1.4 on the link below

WIIIS13744d ago


It is obvious from historical record on N4G that the only people who constantly make baseless personal and slanderous attacks against reviewers, or make pathetic and childish and defamatory allegations against review sites for being biased and corrupted, and who cannot accept anything negative about their console are PS3 fanboys.

Just look at the majority of responses on all the Too Human articles and the evidence is there that the majority of pre-pubescent comments come from PS3 fanboys.

Too Human is a big disappointment and has failed to meet expectations. While some Xbox fans may defend the game as being niche, you won't find them launching baseless attacks against the reviewers.

Diamondwolf3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

That was a very eloquent, well written hypocritically ignorant comment sir. Good job :)

butterfinger3744d ago

Even if you were correct in what you stated, PS3 owners would have every right to say anything they want after we had to endure the year of the XBOX. Honestly, the groups have just flipped, that's all. You will still see the same ignorance from either side, though. i.e. Jason360, theMART, POG, etc..

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