The Conduit at PAX

High Voltage Software has announced that The Conduit, a fast paced First-Person Shooter currently in development for Wii console, will be featured by Nintendo at this year's PAX convention. The Conduit is a First-Person Shooter where players battle fierce alien invaders in a highly detailed 3D world using a dynamic control scheme only possible on Wii. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software, had this to say about the news, "PAX is...

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ChickeyCantor3742d ago

" will be featured by Nintendo at this year’s PAX convention "
I would not be surprised if Nintendo want to publish the game.

kevco333742d ago

what I was thinking when I submitted this!

ChickeyCantor3742d ago

The hype around this game is already big(yes people it actually is XD). Lot's of Wii gamers are expecting much from this game.
If this is a Solid game, Nintendo as a publisher could benefit from this too.

jtucker783741d ago

Nintendo will make sure it gets published, but they won't put their name on it, because of the shooting and killing.
Nintendo aspire to becoming the Disney of the Video Game industry.

mathsman3741d ago

I'm not too sure they're as strict as they used to be - this'll look just like Metriod.

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vashivihang3742d ago

i hope that they show tha multiplayer component of the game there as well as some new areas in single player. anyone know when PAX is

Product3742d ago

I think Nintendo will publish this.It would be huge if they did.

TruthbeTold3742d ago

I think the most positive thing about this game is that as good as it seems to be, it is a 3rd party offering. If Nintendo were to publish it then we may get a push for more of the decent 3rd party Wii games to be published by Nintendo, which would give us this:

1st party games would continue to typically be awesome.

2nd party games would be where it's at for outsiders if they can get Nintendo to bite.

3rd party games would slip farther and farther into crap world and cheap fast mini-games.

This might sound o.k. on the surface, but really, how many second party games is Nintendo going to put the money and support out there for? 3rd party-wise, we'd be stuck with pretty much whatever EA decides to give us, Guitar hero, and the occasional decent 3rd party game that someone took a chance with. I'd rather Nintendo didn't publish The Conduit.

LossTheEarthbreaker3742d ago

All I see right now is sci-fi FPS.

BrotherNick3742d ago

It's one more sci-fi fps on the wii than how many we have now, which is 0. So I'm happy.

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