Flower… most emotional game made writes:"David Jaffe, the man behind the God of War and Twisted Metal series got to play That Game Company's newest game FLOWER when he was in Santa Monica last week. Jaffe liked it a lot more than flOw which he appreciated but never really liked. He thinks FLOWER is on its way to becoming a classic. He mentions that the game is fun and in his mind it lives or dies by the metions it creates while you play."

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Dissidia3769d ago

really excited to play this.

release date?

PoSTedUP3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

i agree, another great psn title. when does it all stop?!?!? w/e if they keep em coming i just might marry my ps3 ; ) im already engaged ; )~

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3769d ago

Sorry;) I'm married to the PS3 already!!! SHES MINE!!! ;-D
+The PS1 + PS2!!!;-P

Sounds cool the game. Can't find a date for it tho??? Bet it looks amazing on a HD:TV ;-P

Bombibomb3769d ago

Not really a flowers kinda guy but I will admit that this game looks freaking amazing.

The Lazy One3769d ago

comes down to how much the game costs. That's going to be a really hard price point to get right for the developers.

pp3769d ago

Hahahahhahahahaha hahahahahahhahahahahaha

Silogon3769d ago

Rare + Banjo + Kazooie = hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha biggest jokes in the industry.

Bombibomb3769d ago

Lol a Rare fanboy? Wtf?

El_Colombiano3769d ago

I see what your up to Silogon, you need more bubbles so your putting on the PS3 fanboy hat on. Once you get enough bubbles, it's straight back to your usual trolling. Aren't I right.

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The story is too old to be commented.