Eurogamer: Tom Clancy's HAWX Interview

Eurogamer writes: "HAWX, the latest game to join the genre-spanning Tom Clancy series, is pitched as an accessible air combat title with a few twists. With a heavy emphasis on intense dogfighting and gravity-defying manoeuvres, and an intriguing story crossover with previous and forthcoming Tom Clancy titles, Ubisoft Bucharest's latest addition to the ever-expanding range has a bit of promise, so when we were invited over to Ubisoft's Paris HQ to talk to lead designer Thomas Simon and check out the latest build, we flew at the chance. Well, made our way through the Chunnel.

Eurogamer: What does HAWX stand for exactly?

Thomas Simon: HAWX stands for High Altitude Warfare - X means prototype. It's a unit of very very skilled pilots who are basically trained by the US Air Force, a special force, to fly any type of aircraft. Not only US planes but planes from Russia, France, UK, etc. They are used to flying anything that has a jet engine. And they use them for special ops. The player is a former HAWX pilot that joined a private military company that is creating an Air Force branch - but he stays closely joined to the US and in a certain part of the campaign he will rejoin the HAWX unit, which will be reactivated to help the US defend itself against the private military company that launches a massive attack on the US territory."

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