IGN: Final Fantasy XIII Update

IGN writes: "Motomu Toriyama is interviewed in the latest issue of Famitsu's periodic PS3 offshoot, Famitsu PS3. The focus of this issue is on Square Enix's recent DKS3713 event, and the FFXIII director ended up discussing a number of areas regarding the lead project in the Fabula Nova Crystallis franchise, including the upcoming demo that, as announced at the event, will be bundled next March with the Japanese release of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete.

Describing the demo, Toriyama said, "Like the FFVII demo that was included with PlayStation's Tobal Nol.1, you'll be able to play from the opening through the prologue. We're making it so that players will understand about the world of the Cocoon and how the Lucys are handled."

Toriyama also shared a few general details on FFXIII aside from the demo.

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Euphrate3742d ago

Traditional RPGS are Meh to me. Now, if Versus is like Kingdom Hearts or Devil May cry, then I'm in.

But I will definitely not buy FFXIII now :(

*Screw you guysss...Im going home...* / Cartman.

VampHuntD3742d ago

As long as it's not like FF12, I'm in. I just didn't like the gambit system and what not. I don't like random encounters all that much but I'll take them anyday over what 12 offered.

tako20003742d ago

When does anyone from SE gonna release some "solid" information about FF13 series?

All we heard from now is all somehow secondary not so sure information, which lead me to believe FF13 is in very early stage...

FF13 battle system IS LIKE FF12, they might change something but that's what I heard before.
FFv13 they said will modified from KH battle system, don't know how they gonna do that though

thor3742d ago

I never had anything against random encounters. And I like turn based combat with strategy and none of these gambits that play the game for you. FF10 I think nailed the combat system. OK so the sphere grid was complete sh1t but the way it listed whose move came next was very good IMO.

hay3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

@tako: not really. It'll have some common features with FF12 but just by looking at trailer it's clear that it's a little bit too dynamic for FF12 system. And basing on hints that were thrown at us, it should be a lot different.

Huh, i liked FF12. Don't like gambits? Don't use them, solution can't be any simplier.

Lumbo3742d ago

From the trailers i would say the combat system is close to FF:CC on psp
Active combos you can string together for the char to follow through.

nieto3742d ago

Euphrate you're totally confused! this it's FF a game from the genere of RPG not a hack & slash. seriously, you were specting a FF to be a hack & slash? are you crazy or something? LOL

this it's not a spin-off were SE tries new things and make a bad game like FF cerberus or crisis core. and you like the battle system of kingdom heart? how is that? the only thing you do is press the attack button until the end of the game jesus.

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Marceles3742d ago

FF7 demo with Tobal...good memories. I remember it being different from the real game too since you have to save Jessie twice: Once when her foot is stuck, and the other is she's fallen in a corner before you climb the stairs and leave the reactor for some reason...I guess to make the demo longer. I hope they do the same thing with the FF13 demo and change it up a little compared to the full version.

mirroredderorrim3742d ago

Lay low the fanboy ramparts for a moment. I am interested in the way battles will be handled. I was a loyal bastard to the ATB system, but then they flipped it up on FFXII, but I eventually got used to it and enjoyed the game thoroughly, although the story and character development lacked to the point where only the fighting and music mattered, I liked that most of all.

I gotta go... it's thundering pretty bad here/.'

god_o_war3742d ago

F**CK square-enix and F**CK CAPCOM

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