Beware. Russia and your game console

ANALYSIS. Russia now engage in cyber war with anyone who annoys them. Attacking the computers and interweb of a country in a massive and coordinated way that makes much normal functioning become impossible.

So every piece of software coming out of Russia must be suspect, and that includes games. In fact games are the most suspect because they are the most widely distributed and they are so physically big that it is easy to embed malicious bots that could be activated the next time Russia has a cyber war.

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PoSTedUP3741d ago

"Russia now engage in cyber war"

russia also engaged in a real war and anyone who annoys them are f*cked lol.

on topic: whats a cyber war and how does it hurt anyone??? are they mad??

Sarick3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

A cyberwar can be very distructive.

I'll give an example of how this can be done.

First off consider if banking or government services are disrupted. Take for instance an oil company in the golf wishs to sale oil to india. Third parties control the inferstructer 99% of the time using the interwebs.

Lets assume this company sells a large amount of oil to india for 100,000,000. Funds are transfered to a bank in japan then converted and transfered to the india companies account. Lets assume this transaction was for 100,000,000. Now what would happen if that transaction was intercepted and altered to 1,000,000,000 or even 10,000,000?

For starters both companies would have a hard time figuring out what went wrong. Was company A trying to cheat company B or was the bank institution skimming etc.? A single interuption in the system like this could take days to years to clear up. Now consider If a nation does several thousands of these transactions a day with multiple successful attacks. This could bring a nation to it's knees.

Cyberspace wars can be deadly.

PoSTedUP3741d ago

oh i see, thanks +bubbles.

duarteq3741d ago

This title also could be :" Beware. USA and your game console "
After all who installed the most enterprise companies in Kuwait after the IRAQ Invasion?It wasn't because of the beautiful eyes of the Kuwait Ladies. So watch out for the next Country. USA and Russia is all the same... Always want to lead the world. NATO is a Curtain for interests of USA.

Next Topic...

yesah3741d ago


.....i got them from macys >.>

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Egzekutor3741d ago

The same sh1t again.. Russia didnt start the war in Gr.. What would you do if a foreign country was killing off the 70% of your people that live there ? Ofcourse Russians got pissed off and went there to help their people. Dont say they have imperial ambitions..

Avto3741d ago

cyber war ha they invaded my country are burning down villages, killing people, raping underage girls, looting, I hope they fcuken die.

ult5553741d ago

It`s Georgia who started the war against innocent people and destroy the whole city in a single night...they just wiped out thousands of innocent lives and you still watch fake news on you TV...go on, be dumb ass

Avto3741d ago

ult555 do you live in Georgia do you know what really happened Russians evacuated almost all of the population of Tskhinvali and were bombing the place for two days straight. And now why are they in Gori or Poti as we speak they are stealing humanitarian aid from the port.

Bruceongames3741d ago

Russia has no free press. All the media say is what Putin tells them to say. So the Russian population do not know what is going on in the world.

Regarding Russia and Georgia the best account of what really happened is probably this one. Read it first before calling people names or making ill informed posts.

PoSTedUP3741d ago

yeah man georgia are US allies and good people that are trying to join NATO. i bet russians are just after that oil pipeline ya know but who knows. here comes another cold war though cause US told russia to stand down and they are not listening, russia just threatened poland with nukes i think but they arent gunna use them, no1 is stupid enough to use nukes man cause if one country presses a button then everyone will and that will lead to everyone getting f*cked up ya know so that seems out of the question. russia is pretty strong but not as strong as the use to be just god forbid theirs antother world war ya know. hopefully the two signs a peace treaty and let georgia be free and/or join nato. peace and god bless.

Serg3741d ago

Shutting down the press was the smartest move someone in Putins position could possibly do. Imagine you could do whatever you want without being hunted down by the police, or be afraid of law, just be sure to have a bottle of Vodka any time the police decides to control your papers to pay them off with it. Well that was reality in Russia before Putin appeared. People liked it that way, no laws to stop you, no prison if you know how to get around it etc., a new President who actually cares about all that and people start to scream. So he shut them up before they could get too vocal about all this.

He would have to throw away his position if the people would keep screaming like that and make room for another bottleneck like Jeltzin.

So stop assuming dumb stuff about things you are unable to understand. I live in Russia and I thank Putin for what he did. He set things in motion that should have happened 20 years ago and it keeps getting better here.

About the Georgia situation. It's not Georgia versus Russia. It's USA versus Russia. Georgia attacked first because they thought they would be save with the US behind them. Russia taught them the hard way not to f*ck around with them. I don't blame the people of Georgia, I blame them idiot politics who made that 'smart' move against such a big country. I don't say I support the way Russia handled the conflict, I actually think they overreacted, but I won't ignore Georgias failures as well. And if America will continue to display such a blatant arrogance we will see some serious trouble.

Why arrogance? They supported Kosovo so they could become independent. Russia already warned them that other people will try to achieve the same goal seeing that Kosovo succeeded. They ignored it and now they face the consequences. Not to mention Condoleeza Rice "ordered" Russia to step away from Georgia.

So again, if you don't know what you are talking about, just don't talk about it.

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Sarick3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

How is this possible when the hardware manufacture controlls the OS. If the OS could be altered by anyone, yes it'd be easy to place bots or other tools on the hardware.

The problem is unless you install homebrew OS or an exploit is used to override your OS the only other method is to have a 3rd party software running with these tools embedded to disrupt internet.

If a software alters the firmware it could brick a lot of systems. In this case if caught the entities involved would lose a lot of confidence with both customers and industry leaders barring their products.

Never know though some people have complaind that a game or two bricked their system but, I doubt it was do to this.

Conspiracy or fact, I think this whole concept is a little out there to begin with using consoles as attack devices. Yes it's possible but not easily done.

@Phantom disagrees: How can someone disagree with this i've covered all the basics and didn't make a closed minded statement. If you have something interesting please explain what you disagree with. I'm totally as a loss for words as to what you disagree with.

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