Songs of Siren: Hitomi Shimizu Music interview

Released in 2004, Forbidden Siren for PlayStation 2 was set in the mountain village of Hanuda, Japan. The macabre story centers on a small group of visitors that voyage to the isolated region to discover a mysterious cult, their bizarre rituals, and a group of murderous corpse-people. Called 'Shibito,' they follow the call of a strange siren scream echoing through the night.

Two years later, Siren returns to the village of Hanuda, this time on the PlayStation 3. A re-imagining of the series' premise, Siren: Blood Curse takes an episodic approach akin to TV drama. The game is comprised of 12 episodes, available through the PlayStation Network online store. Called SIREN: New Translation in Japan, the title introduces an American film crew to the threat of the Shibito, arming them with a new combat system and split screen sight-jacking capabilities.

Hitomi Shimizu has returned to compose the score for Siren: Blood Curse, which will be released in an official album by Team Entertainment on August 27 in Japan. Later this year, an original soundtrack for Forbidden Siren will follow.

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