No Trophies In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

In a member Q&A over at the Hokage's Room one of the members asked if there was going to be trophies in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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Euphrate3741d ago


They don't even include the in-game music support.

littletad3741d ago

To blame developers for everything having to do with Trophies, Sony barely put the feature out there to compete with the advantages of Achievements. And lateness is their fault, not the developers.

juuken3741d ago

I can live without this game having trophy support. As long as the gameplay is good, it doesn't bother me.

Most of Sony's first party titles will have it, so...yeah.

Nitrowolf23741d ago

What the hell is in-game volume? I mean wouldnt it just be easy for them to say in-game music if that wat it as?

StephanieBBB3741d ago

I think the devs dosn't understand how much of an impact trophies has on a game. Trophies are more often than you'd think the make or break factor when buying an game.

If I was an developer I would definetly do trophies mainly because having them re-created in 3D in a 40 million dollar game by the name of HOME would be incredible.

rroded3741d ago

got the core demo on this and its crud pretty enough but the combat sucks. hate the way they set up the controller and in this day and age no online on a fighting games a joke.

ofx3603741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I hate it when people say that devs are lazy. Come on, it took Warhawk what feels like 1-2 months for it to be getting trophies and its a 1st party title. So obviously it isnt as easy as just flipping a switch. Then on top of that how many games have in-game music. Uncharted doesn't even have it.
Just have a little respect, devs put a lot of time into there games and for you to criticize them just because they didnt add a feature that sony snuck in without any devs knowing is just stupid.

deathray3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Devs ARE lazy. Reality sucks. I show them respect by buying their games if they are good.

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sak5003741d ago

So we get news about 360 achievement list in games, Ps3 trophies in games and lack of trophies in ps3 games?

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Harry1903741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

They unofficially announced/hinted at Storm 2 which will probably be based on Shipuudden. Great.

testerg353741d ago

Did Sony even let the devs know that trophies was going to be released on the firmware update?

littletad3741d ago

But this could all be avoided if Sony just mandated the feature. I can't see anyone complaining from the developer side if it was.

Nitrowolf23741d ago

I dont thik it matters, because the updae came out last month, and naruto does not come out till october. I mean they have allot of time to add trophies from now to oct.. They can release a patch on day one if they wanted to.

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The story is too old to be commented.