PSX Extreme: Tomb Raider Underworld Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "There was a time when the Tomb Raider series was in desperate need of a drastic overhaul; the novelty of the original and sequel had long since worn off, and most action/adventure fans had plenty of better options on store shelves. But Tomb Raider Legend managed to help resurrect the ailing franchise, and when the next-gen Tomb Raider Underworld drops, everyone's favorite action heroine should take yet another step towards ultimate redemption. Recently, we've been able to uncover new presentation and gameplay details that should entice any and all followers of the long-running series, and there appear to be plenty of new additions and enhancements. The number of animations jumps big time, for example, and the gameplay should be more diverse than ever. These games have always boasted action, platforming and puzzle elements – in true action/adventure fashion – but Crystal Dynamics aims to take everything to a whole new level with Underworld."

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