Resistance 2 Beta - Co-op Campaign Gameplay

More gameplay footage from the Resistance 2 private Beta. This is a 7 minute gameplay video of the co-op campaign.

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arakouftaian3687d ago

this is going to be better than the 1one n that a great thing, becuz the 1one was good but is outdated n i still play it but R2 Look soo good n more fun than the 1one

n4gzz3687d ago

wish the video quality was better. but games looks great. co-op mode rules

AlterEgo3687d ago

When the hell do we get some direct-feed footage?

arakouftaian3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

... ign, gt n few other webp have d-f gameplay look for it...

PoSTedUP3687d ago

wow this is what 8 player coop is about! yea baby! im sooo damn hyped for this, i just bought resistance yesterday and its really off the hook man if you dont have this game you defiantly should get it b4 you get R2, you should get it regardless cause its a great game.

arakouftaian3687d ago

r1 is good n fun r2 is going to be more fun bigger n better

Dennis Dyack3687d ago

Where'd you go...I miss you so :'(

Chandresh Patel3687d ago

Aren't these guys worried their PSN Accounts will be banned?I mean,it is a private beta after all....

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The story is too old to be commented.