PlayTM: Too Human Review 88/100

The bottom line with Too Human is that there's unlikely to be a sense of indifference woven through its critical and consumer reception, there will be love, and there will be hate. Those who hate it will throw down the controller a long time before the ass-serving and seemingly shallow controls give way to fulfilling battles and a truly awesome character; while those who love it will stubbornly plough forward from death to death, ever-reaching for the next level, and the next level, in order to experience the sheer visceral pleasure of directing Baldur in his almost invincible dance of death.

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Silogon3744d ago

Just not AAA material, guys. Too Hemorrhoid is just not a pleasurable experience.

King Me3744d ago

Are these the same guys that gave Lair a 9?

x THE CHEETAH x3744d ago

To say it's not a "pleasurable experience", wouldn't you need to actually play the game first?

Silogon3744d ago

I have played it Jaw Jizzer. I played the 1 hour demo and that is enough for me. You can keep the other 9 hours.

Stryfeno13744d ago

Another helpless score for the Sony's fanboys to bash.

Dennis Dyack3744d ago

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Rock Bottom3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

PlayTM gave MGS4 80, and now they give TH 88!!!

Surly M$ had nothing to do with it.

@Dennis Dyack: I feel you brother. :(

GametimeUK3744d ago

not bad... but the number of bad reviews outnumber the good ones significantly... This game got HAZED!

GT will probably give this a 9.4

The Lazy One3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

the average reviews outnumber them all.

edit: they started development after they did the MGS port in 2004. They've publicly said this.

GametimeUK3744d ago

The game has been in development for just under a decade and is supposed to be a AAA title... Its deffo getting BAD reviews... o well it got HAZED

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The story is too old to be commented.