Ars Technica: Gods among menus: a review of Too Human

Ars technica writes: "As a game ten years in the making-one that was originally conceived as a PlayStation title when Sony's inaugural gray box was only just beginning to hit its stride-Too Human has the misfortune of being a long-awaited title from a studio that doesn't make many games. I say misfortune because hype and expectation will be the only things that hurt the otherwise enjoyable experience that the game offers. So much is expected of this title, one of the first big guns in Microsoft's holiday line-up, that it's almost impossible for the modest game to live up to everything some gamers will want from it."

The Good

* Source material is interesting and well-used
* Great depth in character customization
* Strong combat engine
* Sharp graphical presentation
* Drop-in, drop-out online co-op
* High replayability

The Bad

* Controls aren't for everyone
* No split-screen co-op
* Menu and camera need work
* Some distracting graphical bugs
* Cyberspace portion of game is too linear
* Difficulty balance is off as a result of A.I., death penalty

The Ugly

* Getting over the drama and just enjoying the game for what it is.

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LastDance3742d ago

* Sharp graphical presentation


StephanieBBB3742d ago

Ya I know these scores are ridiculus...

Rock Bottom3742d ago

Sharp graphical presentation!!!!

Dennis Dyack3742d ago

* Sharp graphical presentation


What is this tomfoolery^!

badz1493742d ago

really? just because it has online mode or something?

StephanieBBB3742d ago

I just hate this new drop in, drop out co-op trend that is going around right now.

Too human would be much better with split screen co-op.
Mercenaries 2 would also be alot better with it.

Why can't they just implement it even if it lags like hell so you atleast have the option to play it split screen?

Superfragilistic3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Really enjoyable read.

The guy knew his stuff and is the first one to mention that the Combo meter is actually Too Human's version of mana for spell.

As for the graphical presentation. I can only assume he's including the art design with that comment, because the animations in cut scenes are occasionally embarrassing if not down right wrong.

EDIT: @Isaac - Because scores are all that matter and a recommendation of "Buy" doesn't. :/ end sarcasm.

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