The Future of PS3

10 years, the life span of the PlayStation 3. Sony has promised to make a future proof console, but how can it live that long? How can they continue delivering amazing games? Within 3-4 years we can be seeing a Xbox 720 and a Wii 2. Will Sony continue supporting the PS3? I believe so.

Sony is now hitting the tip of the iceberg with its hit games coming out, such as Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone 2. Can it keep its momentum? Find out after the break.

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Klotzey3773d ago

I love my ps3 10 years of not purchasing ps4 and it will be a pain affording all these game coming out so many good ones!!!

Snake Raiser3773d ago

This is why the ps3 is actually the cheapest (and most powerful) console out there. Look at the prices over 10 years. remember $500 just for Xbox live! with the wii you will have to get like 3 or 4 consoles over 10 years. 750-1000$ !
Before you say that the ps3 will be obsolete because of wii 2 and xbox 720 know that Sony can release an add-on for the ps3 if anything major happens.
Spread the word, ps3 is the cheapest and most powerful.

Danja3773d ago

A 10 yr life span is certainly possible with the PS3 just look at the PS2....

The Ps3 has the best games Line up for 2008/2009

i know that the future of my PS3 will be a busy one ..since i'll be playing alot of awesome exclusives...:)

jwatt3773d ago

I really don't need this artical to tell me how long the ps3 will last. Blu Ray, Firmware updates and Sony's first party studios Will ensure that the ps3 will be in it for the long run.

IntelligentAj3773d ago

100% agreed. Although most people who have a PS3 already know how long the console will last.

Jamie Foxx3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

no old school disc drive-check
motion controllers-check
card readers(mine does)-check
changeable standard harddrive-check

thats why the ps3 is ahead of its time

Breakfast3773d ago

Why does the future have so little tripple A titles?

I like where im at now...
...thanks to my loving MS.


UnSelf3773d ago

not only its ahead of its time.....its ahead of time itself

ahhhhh, see that

Esena3773d ago

Your love for MS is starting to seem quite brittle due to your insecurities for posting on this topic.

GametimeUK3773d ago

Sitting there with amazing exclusives such as warhawk, rfom, motorstorm, mgs4, ffvs13, r&c, mag, gow3, lbp, socom etc etc... A superior online service and all round great entertainment system

future of 360

On its way back to MS due to your 4th RROD!

Syronicus3773d ago

When you say triple A titles, are you referring to the AAA titles like Too Human? :-/

Rob Hornecker3773d ago

To keep the PS3's lifespan extended,heres some thoughts...

1 ,Keep the hardware affordable.firmware updated,and most of all reliable.( a major XB360 fault)
2.Exclusive titles.Like MAG,Killzone 2,ect.ect.
3,Promotion for all the above.The ps3 should be able to sell its self.

I have to agree with Captain Howdy's comment about the PS2 still selling well despite it's age. There must be a ga-zillion of them out there. and let us not forget the first playstation.People still play them also.

I don't want to buy a new system every few years.With the state of todays economy ,I would like to see todays gaming consoles life span extended to the max!

ravinash3773d ago

Yes Breakfast, I can tell all the AAA title from MS from all the games their presenting in Leipzig.....oh wait....

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Rice3773d ago

Home is a great way to socialize...great way for me to interact with people on my friends list who im not that fond of...

jkhan3773d ago

Same thing how PS2 just won't die. Sure we will see a xbox720 and wii2 in next 2 years and a ps4 in like 3-4 years time but Sony won't be shutting down the ps3 like microsoft did with xbox.

Klotzey3773d ago

Keeps on impressing me great investment lol now time to fork out cash for games also im real happy with these betas sony keeps dishing out with qore =)