NZGamer: Prince of Persia Preview

NZGamer writes: "Prince of Persia is not a sequel to what is now called the Sands of Time trilogy. It can be likened to the recent superhero reboot of Batman - it wipes the slate clean and starts anew while keeping the franchise's better core elements. This is entirely a good thing as the trilogy took a dark turn which did no good to embody what people loved so much about the original Sands of Time. This new Prince of Persia looks set to recapture the fun adventuring spirit of Sands of Time and deliver it in a sweet current generation package.

Development of the new Prince began almost immediately after The Two Thrones was completed, but strangely, it was only officially announced earlier this year in May. With the announcement came a few welcome details - there would be a balance between combat, platforming and puzzle solving and the Prince's trademark acrobatics would be back like we've never seen them before."

The Good: More Prince of Persia... co-starring Natalie Portman?

The Bad: Could turn out to be the easiest game ever made.

The Ugly: Ahriman; dark gods are so 90's.

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