PSP Version 4.50 Wishlist

It's safe to say that the PSP has been a great success for Sony hardware wise. The system itself has alot of power generating graphics of PS2 quality - never done before on any handheld device. In addition to that, they added multimedia functionality. Whether it being watching a movie on a long road-trip, or listening to music on the bus, the PSP can do this, and a whole lot more. Sony has been updating the PSP via firmware updates, which are only making the system better by adding cool features. Many people are saying that the PSP has reached it's peak - the graphics are really starting to push the PSP to it's limits and there are only a few games coming that are worth a purchase. I still believe that Sony can still squeeze more out of the PSP, even if it means they fill up that on-board flash memory (where the firmware is actually written) to the very kilobyte of capacity. What do you think Sony should add to the PSP? Find out what we think Sony should add after the break.

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darthv723742d ago

updated flash support for sites like youtube.

UMD caching: option to assign a portion of the memory stick to act as virtual memory for UMD games.

Web browser cache expansion: similar to UMD caching in that you can expand the memory allowed to the browser so you dont get out of memory errors.

From the list, I really want store access from the XMB. It was said to be coming but still nothing. I dont want to use my pc to get store content to my psp.

f7897903741d ago

But who cares about it when you can just rip your UMDs to your memory stick!

Stallone19933742d ago

Thank you darth, I've added this to the article.

DevonTheDude5353741d ago

"2. Always stay connected -"

This would kill battery life, haven't you ever used remoteplay before. You get ~<3 hrs on a slim battery while playing PSP UMD-based games online.

How about PS2 remoteplay capabilities, or expand PS3 remoteplay and add "dropped" features like the ability to use the PSP as a rear view mirror in Formula 1 (shown off years ago at E3).

user94220773741d ago

i'd also like to see updated flash for websites

f7897903741d ago

I want them to work on that first before they go work on upgrading the PSP.

jlytle12343741d ago

flash 9 support is killing me on psp and ps3.
id also like some more features on the mp3 player. Like the ability to make playlists from multiple folders and be able to play songs at random from multiple folders.
streaming video from services like tversity would be nice too.