Proof: Nintendo Wii Sells more cause of price as opposed to product

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Danja3744d ago

as if we didn't already figure that ways i own a Wii dont use it much but it does have a few great it's library

f7897903743d ago

I'm not paying $250 to be able to buy those games. I gladly paid $400 for a ps3 though.

egm_hiphopgamer3744d ago

thanks for the comments! the reason i posted that wast to really prove a point tons of people really think that the wii would be at 30 million sold even if the price was 600 or even 500 hundred dollars and i'm like no it would not be that's just common sense. 250 is a excellent price for a console and notice how ps3 is close to 15 mil and wii is 30 mil wii is ahead by double the amount of hardware sales and yet half the price now imagine ps3 being half the price they would be neck and neck right now.

Voiceofreason3744d ago

Whats really stupid is how you just talk abaout price, like the hardware inside wouldnt be effected by price at all. Do you really think PS3 would be just as powerful as now if it launched with a 250 price tag? Of course not but you never seem to understand basics like that. Thats why your opinion shouldnt be posted here. You are not in any way involved in the industry. You obviously lack a certain understanding of how things in the industry work. I think it hurts N4g as a site to have someone like you posting their own personal hate messages on here.If you had some knowledge of the industry that would be different but its obvious from your posts you do not.

StephanieBBB3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Chill man...

I think that he's well aware of how the industry of today is.

In case you flame me too ill spell it out for you. The industry of today is, you get what you pay for. Cheaper price means less powerfull hardware. That dosn't mean that it's bad to buy an Wii or PS3 beacuse it all boils down to how Nintendo or Sony (in this case) is treating thier customers. Usually it's the one thats on top that has worst service and in this case it's true.

If Sony had sold 30 million PS3's I think that Nintendo would have been steping it's game up just like Sony is doing right now. If your not on top you have to struggle harder. I bet we would see a monthly fee on Home and alot less exclusives coming out for the PS3 if this was the case.

I can even stick my neck out alittle more. I bet my hard earned five cent's that if Microsoft and xbox360 gets the 3rd place behind Wii and PS3 we will see Xbox live becoming free. Or atleast an huge change in how Silver and Gold membership is working.

And thats how it is, it's just buissness...

InMyOpinion3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

How about a written article next time?

You could write(although you can't) an editorial on why the PS3 is in third place even though it's the best console ever lol!

BrotherNick3744d ago

I hope next time around maybe the other consoles will understand that price is a major factor of why people buy video games. It's nice and cheap entertainment, adding cost will take away future customers. I really wanted a ps3 and 360 at the time when the wii came out, but I couldn't afford it. Price usually wins over features when you have a capitalist market.

Rice3743d ago

so, tell me how does the industry work if you claim you know so much of it. I assume your very knowledgeable since you keep talking so much about it.. give me your "voice of reason".

cereal_killa3743d ago

Whats really stupid is how you just talk about price, like the hardware inside wouldn't be effected by price at all. Do you really think PS3 would be just as powerful as now if it launched with a 250 price tag?

Do you think if the Wii had the same amount of power and dvd/BR playback like the PS3 it would have been $250 no it would have been the same price if not close to $400-$600 and would not have sold double the amount as 360 and PS3 so yes Hiphop s opinion is on the money

@Jenzo the PS3 is in third for now but picking up speed and i wouldn't be claiming who in what place until the next gen system are released and these systems are no longer supported then you can blab all you want who's in what place

LossTheEarthbreaker3742d ago

Could you add some grammar and english language to your incoherent rants, please?


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DFresh3744d ago

Great idea Hip Hop Gamer for part of your show.
You should do this for every show you do.
You talk about an issue but I think to help you get your point across better is whenever you ask a question you should ask random people on the street to see what they think about it.

Anyways on to your statement about Nintendo.
Does price play a big role w/ the rising success of the Wii?
I'm gonna say yes and no.
Sure everybody likes bargains but they also want results.
Some of the games actually take pretty good advantage of the Wii whether casual or hardcore.
ex.) Super Smash Bros. Brawl, No More Heroes, Soul Calibur Legends, Metroid Prime 3, etc.
I think people go for the Wii because it's really innovative and active w/ a lot of people w/ some of the games and I think people old and young have grew up playing Nintendo and just like them because it's a fun console.

I know that once the price of the PS3 reaches $300 or once the new $400 80Gb comes out in a few days consoles will be flying off of the shelves.

360 has had tons of price drops and yet it just stays the same w/ a marginal increase every week.

Whenever you see a price drop on the PS3 you see giant sales and consoles are sold out.

Which is showing that a lot of people want the PS3 right now probably 10X more than the 360 but they can't afford it.

Once the price goes down expect to see the PS3 take a huge lead pass the 360 and maybe even outsell the Wii in 2 years time.

People love the games on the PS3.

Which still makes me wonder what if the PS3 was $400 day one do you think the results now would of been different?

I think so.

Sez 3744d ago

"Whenever you see a price drop on the PS3 you see giant sales and consoles are sold out."

thats funny i remember last year,same time in july sony drop the price of the ps3.(first time)and it was still outsold by the the 360 has a price drop and has the same results. but sonyfanboy act like MS was the only ones to be outsold after a price drop. and the ps3 had two price drops in it's first year. and no it didn't move units like you think it did. alot of that had to do witht he bundles with the sony HD-TV's.