FeedonPS3: New Home Beta Video

As we can see, it seems that their is still no in-game xmb support in Home, but maybe the PSP replaces the XMB?

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Qbanboi3742d ago

Wow, after u intall the places, it loads preaty fast. I'm not cool with the whole "cant check u message once u are on Home" thing, i hope the fix it before it goes open beta.

jwatt3742d ago

I'm pretty sure they will fix that but I like how he was saying he was good in pool but couldn't make a shot.

Bombibomb3742d ago

The lighting looks fantastic.

kevin11123741d ago

you can check your messages, he just doesnt know how to do it. its either start or select, one of them brings up your friends list and u select message.

ChrisGTR13742d ago

so have the extended beta invites been sent to the people that downloaded the US beta picture thing? im thinking i should just leave my ps3 on running the folding at home thing just to get my psn network usage up. i rarely use my ps3 but i want to get in the beta :(

cglz63742d ago

not yet. All signs pointing to Aug 26th.

g3nkie3741d ago

All signs? Where'd you hear about the 26th?

Sanhlami3742d ago

thats pretty cool having the xmb in a psp. its seems a little unpractical but makes the experience and interaction more realistic.

Solid_Snake3741d ago

he kept calling bowling pool!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.