No New Info on NX at Nintendo's Financial Briefing; Company Is "Looking" into VR

Nintendo is holding its quarterly conference for investors and analysts, and some details were provided by Kantan Games CEO Serkan Toto and Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki‏.

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Maybay747d ago

VR will be adapted by mobile phones, Blu-ray players and other devices. TV's (down the line) will offer this feature natively, so it seems (to me anyways) like a moot point.

rjason12747d ago

Motion and touch screen gaming are gimmicks, but VR isn't? Funny how hypocritical people can be.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory747d ago

because Nintendo didn't initiate it in gaming.

wonderfulmonkeyman747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

It's the truth, and it hurts them to admit that that first person helmet is exactly what you've said it is; a gimmick.

And the reason it hurts their pride so much is because, to the closed-minded, gimmick is a dirty word in all circumstances, so they're trying to call this "innovative" to lessen the sting.-_-;;

I'm of the opinion that VR is just as much a fad as 3D was for home TV's, and it will remain that way until we've developed synaptic response tech and implemented that into full dive pods.
Until we do, it's just insignificant little steps towards that goal.
Steps which likely won't take off nearly as well as that end result will, due to everything from production costs for the games and price tags being too high for the units themselves, to physical discomfort over long periods of wearing helmets.

I'm hoping Nintendo steers clear of VR until the prices of production, games, and the price tag they can attach to such things go way way down, at the very least.

The Great Melon747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

Motion gaming never really made sense without VR. VR actually legitimizes it now. 3D while an interesting novelty, pales in comparison to VR. Most skepticism of VR comes from those who have yet to actually try it out. I encourage everyone to find a friend with DK2 or go to one of the HTC Vive or Oculus demos to give modern VR a whirl.

Darkfist747d ago

it is a gimmick if you made a whole console around vr, but its not in the ps4 because its just an optional accessory with its games.

wonderfulmonkeyman747d ago

No, optional or not, a gimmick is still a gimmick.
Racing wheel accessories are optional in games like Mario Kart 8.
Does that mean those aren't gimmicks?
Of course it doesn't.

The same holds true for VR as it stands now.

Being optional doesn't make it less of a gimmick, it just makes it something that doesn't add to the price tag of the system by default.

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Tsunade747d ago

So this leaves xbox being the only one without a proper VR approach. I believe their problem is that the xbox One cannot handle VR. Maybe for the next xbox.

BrandanT747d ago

I still think VR is just a first person game inside a helmet. To me, it honestly feels like there's not much to it other than that.

Darkfist747d ago

but it is suited for horror games, which theres alot

wonderfulmonkeyman747d ago

A well-made horror game creates immersion without the need of a head-set to supplement it.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Fatal Frame, Dead Space, Fatal Frame, the list goes on and on.

A wide-screen TV and a dark room, and boom, you've got an immersive horror experience that you can share with others as well.

The Great Melon747d ago (Edited 747d ago )


That's like saying well written horror book creates atmosphere without the need of moving pictures to supplement the prose.

VR the next evolution of media formats. There is nothing wrong the things that precede it, but there are things that only VR will be able to do.

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