New StarCraft II Single Player Screenshots

When's tech guru was making the latest addition to his feature column 'Kalos' Chronicles', he came across more than just technical specifications of graphics cards. There was also a host of never before seen screenshots from StarCraft II's single player mini-game between Terran missions.

AMD have obviously received a very good standing with Blizzard, as they have published the document containing not only the graphics cards requirements, but also the first ever pictures from Hyperion's own bar!

Jim Raynor is seen going there in the BlizzCon 2007 videos, but they never show the footage from the actual bar. Here we see Jim in the bar, looking at something large and obviously alcoholic, and getting a visit from Tychus Findlay, where they discuss something as of yet unknown.

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Leord3743d ago

Blizzard sure has a sense of details. I particularly like the Marine detail on the jukebox. Very subtle, and very very cool.

DJDarkstar3743d ago

Blizz have always been good for detail, but they look like they have outdone themselves this time :D well done blizz

Terrice3742d ago

I agree, the level of detail in those screenshots are amazing.

Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that us players would be able to use that engine in the editor?

Terrice3742d ago

That's the one. If this is the engine that they are referring to, imagine the type of "cinematic" scenes that can be done with that. :)

Apotheosis3742d ago

That looks better artistically than 95% of all UE3 related games this generation.

Blizzard = Gods.

Leord3742d ago

This is probably just the beginning as well. Remember they design the game so almost anyone can play it...

TheIneffableBob3742d ago

Wow, Blizzard are really going all-out with the graphics.

These screens are beautiful.

Leord3742d ago

Yeah, just imagine that this is NOT cinematics. This is INGAME SHOTS.

Just blows your mind...

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