GamePro Too Human Review

From GamePro:
"Almost ten years in the making, Too Human has seen its fair share of development troubles. First announced for the original Playstation, moved to the GameCube and ultimately finding a home on the Xbox 360, the game has been a lightening rod for criticism and controversy. But, as the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and while it's not perfect, Too Human definitely has enough going for it to silence its critics. Read on for our review of the Xbox 360 exclusive title, Too Human!"

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Mao3773d ago

Interesting score. Might swing my decision...probably not though.

Mao3773d ago

look at all the disagrees I got. Well sorry for pointing out one good review Sony fans. Honestly....*sigh*

PimpHandStrong3773d ago

your letting a review sway you

you had the demo

if you liked it then buy it

Take the pros and cons you read about and make up your own mind. You might find a site that fits with your idea of games! Gamepro gave Warhawk a 7.5 i think? anyway

dont let reviews sway you

joeynox3773d ago

not a bad score from a good game mag.

Qbanboi3773d ago

Well Haze got 3.5 from this magazine. So that mean that Too Human is just .50 better that Haze. xD

DailyAddict3773d ago

no one reads GamePro anymore. They are always just so kind of... I don't even know a good word to use, but their editors always rate hype games great, great games get average scores and anything else just sort of floats at a 3.

Dark General3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Gamepro editors/reviewers just rate games on how fun they are. A 4 out of 5 is a good game but just a good game on their rating scale. They are lenient with all scores and that's what i like about them. When something usually gets a 3.25 or 3.50 and lower you know to stay away from them. Any higher scores and it's a generally fun/good game.

Doesn't change my opinion though that Too Human appeals to me as much as Haze did. Which is not at all and both of them looked bad to me. I did think Lair would be good and i wasn't right about that.

nieto3773d ago

exactly, that's why i trust gamepro more than Ign, Gamespot or 1up.

pixelsword3773d ago

...Nah; who would alter a game's score for money? Surely I jest!

Dark General3773d ago

I would agree with you if i didn't see them writing scathing reviews for other games that were heavily advertised on their site. I'm a regular on the forums over there so i should know. Timeshift, Dark Sector and 1 other game i can't remember all got bad reviews from them and they were advertisers.

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Tobias1233773d ago

This is a pretty good score, for all of the "Flop" talk about this game. I really hope Too Human succeeds, we need more Canadian developers:P

Farsendor13773d ago

have no ideal whats going on with this game but from experience haze and lair i enjoyed both considering their awful reviews bought both.

i like the type of gameplay when i get a 360 im going to buy this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.