TGR Review: Galactic Dream: Rage of War - "Not Quite Realized"

TGR - "Strategy games are often the brain trust of the gaming world, asking for slow-paced motions broken up by periods of intensely destructive activity, and resulting in missions that can last for hours. While they may not attract the widespread following that the genre has in comparison with other genres, the strategy genre still has a firm foothold in the gaming market as evidenced by the recent appearance of games like Universe at War: Earth Assault or the continuing popularity of the Command and Conquer, Warcraft, and Starcraft series. As with all gaming genres, though, it's not only open to the big and the bright, but also the independent market as is the case with the game Galactic Dream: Rage of War which has been developed by the relatively unknown firm Evolution Vault and published by the equally unknown Strategy First."

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