Tom Clancy's The Division Beta Has Already Been Hacked

It appears that the beta build for The Division has already been hacked. This information surfaced yesterday and we got more details about it via Reddit. Basically, the game's PC beta does not have any anti-cheat system at all, and almost everything can be hacked on a client's side.

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djplonker1047d ago

That sucks... Just gotta hope ubi Ban people after launch and reset their characters for this type of behaviour.

Repeat offenders should be banned from uplay/steam

ABizzel11047d ago

I said this before the beta even launched that it was going to be hacked to death. The PC version of Borderlands was hacked like no other to the point it moved over to the console versions, and the Division is going to be the same, because this is really a first for Ubisoft, and I don't see them being able to monitor this kind of activity online consistently, when they're also trying to make DLC content, and add new items and stuff monthly.

Codewow1047d ago

This isn't a hack at all. It's simple file manipulation. Why the hell Massive never added verification to the game is beyond me. What's actually happening is actually WAY easier to do than making a program to do it for you. The servers aren't verifying any data coming from the client thus allowing anyone to change a few numbers and boom, infinite ammo.

Parasyte1047d ago

The thing with the first Borderlands game is that Gearbox actually encouraged the weapon hacking to see what people could come up with.

I guarantee you it is where some of the weapon designs in Borderlands 2 came from.

UnHoly_One1047d ago

Gearbox did not encourage the hacking. They even implemented patches to try to curtail some of it.

At least on the console side. I'm not sure about on PC, but I'm reasonably sure they got the same patches.

XisThatKid1047d ago

Yup glad I'm on The PS4 end of the stick on this one I don't want my experience bashed by forces beyond the authority especially.

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ChrisW1047d ago

One of the purposes for Beta is to resolve hacking problems, which is another reason why it doesn't have any anti-cheat systems in it.

Corpser1047d ago

They turned off server checks for this beta, this is a non issue once the game is released

FullmetalRoyale1047d ago

Well I suppose, for fans, that it is very fortunate that they had a beta. If for no other reason that they are now aware of this prior to launch. I'm pretty lukewarm on this game(neither open nor closed minded), but I really really hate cheaters.

ABizzel11047d ago

I'm in the same boat about the game. I think it's a great concept, but I don't think the execution is there. The Division 2 might be that game, but I don't think the Division 1 is it, but for those who like MMORPG's, and open-world co-op I'm sure it'll be a good game to them, but my expectations for games has jumped after playing the best of last gen.

Masterchief_thegoat1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

This game is living up the hype hopefully it gets good review.cause Ubisoft does not want watchdog 2.0

seanpitt231047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

The console version isn't that far from the PC version due to the 30fps. This has allowed the graphics settings to be equivelent to high setting on PC. Now if the consoles went for 60fps then you would see a big difference in the graphics comparing the two.

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