Ubisoft totally hearts MotionPlus

Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes: "Nintendo kept the Wii MotionPlus a secret from everybody for as long as possible, a move that resulted in grumbling from certain third-party developers.

That hasn't diminshed enthusiasm for the tiny add-on, however. During an interview, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat couldn't praise the MotionPlus enough (even though he admitted having some doubts at first), enthusing about how the peripheral would make gaming feel "seamless," and arguing that it could only lead to a more immersive experience. "It's one thing to have your brain interpolating what you're doing," gushed Mallat, "[but ] it's another thing to not need that interpolation work."

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Boldy3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Stark contrast from LucasArts reaction to MotionPlus

Intrepid3746d ago

Lucas Arts was just bitter that Nintendo kept them in the dark about it, which is understandable. I don't really see how Wii Motion Plus can disappoint.

ChickeyCantor3746d ago

Lucas art should STFU.
Their current projects were impossible to reach deadline if they added motion plus thats comming out in 2009.
Now if they had a different project aside from the Movie based one and Force unleashed i could understand it but now they are just being morons about it.

Odiah3746d ago

I hope it isn't overpriced.

TruthbeTold3746d ago

With as much profit as Nintendo has been making they should take one for the team on Wii Motion plus. They admitted that the Wii remote was insufficient as was without the stronger wrist strap, and jacket and they fixed it without cost to their loyal customers. They should do the same with Wii-motion plus, and slightly raise the price of new Wii remotes that come with the feature if they must. Of course it will NEVER happen. But imo, they could do right by doing this.

ChickeyCantor3746d ago

If they did that they are basically giving free money away to the company who has the rights to the Chip in motion plus.
I bet they invested money in that too(research and what not).
So i can understand there is a price tag on there.

However Iwata did say it's not going to be he says....

SmokingMonkey3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

plus a motion plus version of every other wii mini game collection
expect carnival games motion plus, red steel2 to use it/need it, wii play motion plus etc etc and then expect them to sell a wiimote with the motion plus already inside.

LevDog3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I dont care how cheap the Wii is.. The crap you have to buy to play "Wii style games" Nychunks, Wii plus, Wheels, extra batties for controllers is just stupid.. I bet hardcore Wii owners have spent more than I did on my PS3..

Sorry a lil off topic.. but all these "extras" you have to buy to play games drives me crazy.. Thats why I never will by a Wii

ChickeyCantor3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Nunchuck+Wii mote is around the same price of dualshock3.
Wheel is optional and you get that with every copy of Mario kart.

After Sony and their Rumble problem i bet Ps3 hardcore owners paid more.
Not my intention to sound like a "fanboy" but i'm just countering your argument.

clearelite3746d ago

At $250+ dollars for Wii, you better be getting a free upgrade to this. Throw in a few free games and you might have a pretty good value.

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